Optimizing Lead Generation Ads

2022-07-15 by EPR Staff
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Companies are always looking to add more potential customers to the buying journey and to do that they have to optimize all of the ads they're running on Facebook. The most successful companies are always trying to learn more about the customers they are targeting so they can always ensure their campaigns are going to be as successful as possible. Running Ads Companies that want to generate more leads should be using the lead generation objective inside Facebook ads. With the help of that objective companies can get more potential customers to reach out to the business through an automated... Read More >

Top Free Market Research Platforms

2022-07-15 by EPR Staff
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Market research is a very beneficial tool that companies can use to inform everything from their marketing campaigns to their overall business decisions. Fortunately, there's no need for companies to invest a big budget into marketing research to get all of the benefits that come from it. That's because there are plenty of free-market research platforms available to them, but it's always important to choose the right one. Google Trends Google Trends is a platform that keeps track of what the users of Google are searching for. The platform was introduced back in 2006 and is used to track the... Read More >

RFP Issued For Agency Marketing and Outreach

2022-07-14 by EPR Staff
Team Epiphany: Marketing Agency Profile

StopWaste works on behalf of 17 member agencies in Alameda County, serving 1.7 million citizens. We’re a public agency governed by the Alameda County Waste Management Authority, the Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board, and the Energy Council. Since 1976, we’ve been helping residents, businesses, schools, and governments to become better stewards of the environment by preventing waste, saving energy, conserving resources, and taking action to increase community resilience to climate change. Description of Services StopWaste develops and maintains a wide range of initiatives to promote the Agency’s programs. Due to the volume and variety of the various programs,... Read More >

Top Email Platforms for Scaling, Segmentation, Lead Generation, and Design

2022-07-14 by EPR Staff

Companies need to use different types of email marketing platforms, depending on the goals of their email marketing campaigns and the results they want to achieve. That’s why it’s important to select the right platform that will help businesses achieve their goals. Drip Smaller businesses that want to start scaling should be using Drip as part of their email marketing campaigns because the platform has different plans for different business sizes. That means the spending of a business will only increase as the business is growing. Additionally, the cost of investing in this platform is uniquely catered to every business... Read More >

When Companies Should End their Marketing Campaigns

2022-07-13 by EPR Staff
Tricks for Launching Influencer Marketing Campaigns

It's not always easy for companies to decide they need to end their marketing campaigns, especially if they've invested a lot of time, money, and effort into them. However, there are specific cases when that's precisely what companies need to do, and companies need to be aware of the signs.  Value One of the signs that companies can look for when they're thinking about whether they should be ending a marketing campaign is if they're not getting enough value out of that campaign. That means companies should look at whether the cost of the campaign is exceeding the value that... Read More >

Email Marketing Platforms for Small Businesses

2022-07-13 by EPR Staff
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According to reports, most email users tend to check their email inbox folders every day. That means email users are a higher intent traffic group compared to any other marketing channel that companies can use to reach their target audiences. When a member of the target audience signs up to a company's email list, they're also giving that business permission to receive promotional materials, which means the company can send the marketing messages for as long as possible, until they decide to unsubscribe. Furthermore, over 80% of small annual businesses tend to generate great results when they're using email to... Read More >

Split Testing Tools for Business Websites and Apps

2022-07-12 by EPR Staff
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Consumers tend to get tired if they are always looking at the same images and ads from the same companies, day in and day out. That means companies always have to reinvent their promotional campaigns if they want to be able to grab the attention of their target audiences. The best way for companies to better understand which elements of their websites can use some more work so they'll be able to convert more customers is through split testing because these types of tests can make it a lot easier for companies to better understand the preferences of their target... Read More >

Misinformation and Changes on Twitter

2022-07-12 by EPR Staff
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Recently, the social media giant Twitter announced a brand new policy that's aimed at reducing the spread of viral and misleading information through tweets on the platform. The policy aimed at crisis misinformation is focused on any allegations that are made during a time of global or national crisis, and any false content that's shared during that time. It also includes more specific changes that are going to be shifting the way that the platform's users interact with Twitter. According to the company, once it has evidence that someone is sharing a claim that's false, it won't be recommending the... Read More >


2022-07-11 by EPR Staff
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Montrose Regional Airport is seeking sealed proposals from qualified advertising firms for its in-terminal advertising concession program. The successful firm shall be granted exclusive rights to market, construct, operate, and maintain a first-class advertising program within the Assigned Areas. The contract will begin November 1, 2022 and continue for five (5) years, with a renewal option for an additional five (5) year term. Proposals must be received no later than 11:00 AM on September 1, 2022. RFP PACKAGE CONTENTS/QUESTIONS The complete RFP package contains the RFP, Attachments 1 and 2, and Forms “References”, “Proposal Bond”, “Acknowledgment”, and “Respondent Checklist". If... Read More >

Logo Redesign and Market Research RFP Issued By Delaware State University

2022-07-11 by EPR Staff
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image 103 Bid packets must be received by: 3:00 pm of August 15, 2022 Time listed above is the local time in the State of Delaware Email: contracts@desu.edu Note: Bidder bears the risk of bid's late delivery, non-delivery, or spam box delivery. Bidder must have a system delivered email return receipts request. Point of Contact: Procurement Team Email: contracts@desu.edu Overview/ Introduction The Delaware State University ("University") is seeking Proposals from qualified firms ("Proposers") to provide a proposal for Logo Redesign and Market Research. This request for proposals ("RFP") is issued pursuant to 29 Del. C. §§ 6981 and 6982. About... Read More >

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