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Bite Communications is one of the most respected PR firms as far as online voice is concerned. Our series focused Web sites reviewing some of the best in the business, takes us to the Bite Web portal today. Bite is of course a subsidiary of Next Fifteen, the conglomerate which owns Text 100 and several other firms. This is one of the firms with which we have had considerable communication in the past, and which resonates especially strongly in the Web space.

The Site

Bite maintains a Web presence only slightly elevated from the worst of the “big deal” PR firms. On initial examination at the landing, one immediately thinks of early Web interjections by corporate entities back in the late 90’s. This may seem harsh from a reader standpoint, buzz given Bite’s clientele, and the stories emanating from the agency, it rings true. Perhaps no other PR firm in the O’Dwyer’s list, should bear more internet scrutiny.

Though “adequate” in terms of being in view, the site carries with it very little in terms of branding Bite, showcasing clients, and especially in revealing the people behind the machine. There is literally no image, text, or illumination as to who these people are. it is as if Bite is comprised of enigmas. Bite has chosen to reveal what you should know about the company via their employee’s testimonials of the company. What is wrong with showing leaders, the people who made the machine? Bite calls this approach unconventional, but I call it …well… unappealing.

A cloud of people, the only ones on Bite

A cloud of people, the only ones on Bite

Bite maintains a very nice blog, but like most of the other big PR firms, their variant reached literally no one. The blog appears to be nothing more than a weak springboard for countering negative PR about Bite’s interests. Of particular note today, is a piece on ValleyWag’s criticism of Twitter. Sean Mills, VP at Bite, is the contributor in this piece, which has rather obvious vested interest ramifications. Twitter has become something of a PR distribution cottage industry, and besides the industry’s coddling of Biz Stone to be their PR, big PR likes the platform for any number of reasons.

Who Are These Guys?

Even without cutting edge multimedia and interactive, the Bite website misses the mark in communicating anything about the company other than some clients and wordy dogma. My personal associations with Bite have been via one of their clients, Wikia, and the fact the Jimmy Wales uses their service as well. The biggest problem with their site, in relation to any of the others, is that no one who leads the company has a profile there. I don’t really know what the site conveys to be honest, it is virtually devoid of meaning to me. I leave the reader with a final quote and a screenshot of what I think the Bite is trying to say. “We are a super secret group of people, in whom you should believe – honest.” Bite’s web presence and branding online is nothing but a rumor.

We believe in communication that is unrestricted in its thinking. We call it a “Fearless and Boundless” approach to communications. This is more than a sound bite – it’s a belief that anything is possible – that we can make a real difference to our clients’ businesses through communications. Above all, it’s the will to take our clients on a whole new journey, not just to offer to go the extra mile.

……..really now?

As empty as the hollow silhouettes of people here

As empty as the hollow silhouettes of people here

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