Marketing RFP Issued By Spokane, Washington

The City of Spokane will complete the North Monroe Corridor project in 2018. The project, which runs from just north of Indiana Avenue to Kiernan near the top of the Monroe Street hill, includes elements that will improve safety, enhance the streetscape, and support daily traffic volumes. The project includes a reconfiguration of the street to two travel lanes with a center turn lane, down from four tight travel lanes and a narrow center lane today. An additional climbing lane is added on the Monroe Street hill.

The project is about balance. The project is designed to balance the following:

  • Safety.
  • Traffic needs.
  • Business health.
  • Neighborhood health.

Safety. Project includes three lanes instead of five, bumpouts at intersections, 3 enhanced crossings at intersections with flashing yellow beacons, wider sidewalks, and wider parking bays. All of this will improve safety for pedestrians and motorists.

Traffic needs. A three-lane section can handle the traffic on Monroe. The project will remove the signal at Montgomery, allowing for more traffic through- put. The City anticipates a small loss of traffic volume during the afternoon peak drive time, but at no other time do we expect to see any significant loss of traffic. Traffic will slow a bit in this section. Business health. Improved parking, improved pedestrian access, and slightly slower traffic speeds will all combine to create an improved business environment. People will be able to see the businesses on the corridor and safely get out of their cars to reach them. Also, we will have streetscape improvements that will improve the attractiveness of the corridor.

Neighborhood health. Today, Monroe bisects the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood. This project brings the neighborhood together because it will be far easier to cross the street and to make turns into local businesses. The Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Plan includes a Monroe streetscape/safety project as its centerpiece to improve the neighborhood. Support on the corridor for the project by business and property owners is mixed, but most agree that they are concerned about the impact of construction on business health. The City has engaged the WSU Small Business Development Center to complete outreach to businesses along the corridor. The center has expertise in a variety of business needs, including business planning, cash flow planning, expense reductions, market research, expansion of markets, development of e-commerce options, and more.

This campaign is intended to support the corridor business activity overall, encouraging people to support their favorite businesses and help direct them to the corridor during construction.

Scope of Work:

The successful proposer will be required to work with a committee of business and/or property owners from the North Monroe Corridor Project area, from just north of Indiana to Kiernan, and City staff to develop a Strategic Public Education & Awareness Campaign supporting the businesses along the corridor during this construction project. Deliverables would include an overall campaign theme and approach; design of visuals, splash page, and maps as appropriate; media buys as appropriate; and tracking of reach and outcomes. The campaign isn’t intended to brand the area.

The successful proposer may be asked to maximize the advertising budget through sponsorships, public service announcement opportunities, or other promotional opportunities.

The marketing approach should focus on:

  • Building public awareness that businesses are open during construction
  • Directing potential customers to the businesses on North Monroe during construction
  • Creating a sense of excitement for the finished project.

The successful proposer also likely will be called upon to support special events and promotions along the corridor during construction to include the creation of an online calendar of events, and to create graphics and collateral materials that also could be used by the businesses in their individual marketing efforts. The calendar would likely be turned over to the North Monroe Business District after the completion of the project.

The audience would consist of area residents who would be willing to support the North Monroe businesses during construction.

Due Date:

January 10th


City of Spokane – Planning Department

3rd Floor – City Hall

808 West Spokane Falls Blvd.

Spokane, WA 99201

Firms with a presence in the region include Ruder Finn and Finn Partners.

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