ProProfs New Quiz Maker Review

Quiz MakerLooking into the mixed bag of tools online, businesses  and individuals have a virtually limitless array of selections to make. Social media tool kit bits, software for almost any conceivable function, and then there’s hardware – so many things to engage with, none more powerful than interactive ones. Last week we came across a simple quiz making too called, obviously, Quiz Maker, by ProProfs. Here’s a nifty tool a PR or other businesses, bloggers, and especially educators can adopt easily.

A few years ago, when blogs became all the rage, engaging with an audience was about comments and other ways to get readers to stay on the site, provide the all valuable “user generated content”, and so on. Fast forward to today, and UGC and comments are still crucial, not only for SEO reasons, but for direct involvement. Throw in social media interaction, and what was a point of pain in getting people involved, still is. Back then, and now, one sure fire way to grab a reader’s attention is via an interesting quiz, poll, even a test concerning the relevance involved. What ProProfy’s Quiz Maker excels at for business training, is also valid for helping readers express, learn, and even share socially.


The ProProfs Quiz Maker user interface – not Kate Beckinsale, but highly functional

For those unfamiliar, ProProfy has been around for a spell offering tools and fun apps like Brain Games, ProProfPolls, even SAT preparation assistance, among many other developments over the years. A company that has specialized in the questions and answers game for people and business, has continually developed more powerful, broader scope, and in the end easier Q & A tools for a variety of applications. Quiz Maker, the latest variant, is super powerful in a number of areas. Here are some of the things users can do with the tool:

  • Make “branded” tests, exams & quizzes
  • Add videos, images & media to them
  • Share via Twitter, Facebook, embed, and even email, and etc.
  • Analyze, get metrics, and even track participants, etc.

A run through of ProProfs Quiz Maker showed the simplicity and ease with which users can create highly tailored exams or other Q & A forms for participants. Like others of the company’s previous products, simplicity is the key. The video from the company below does a good job of illustrating this aspect.

On our test, just as the video suggests, signing up and making your first quiz is about as easy as any other app you ever used. Right away two things become apparent about ProProfs new tool. First, the interface is near perfect, albeit a bit Web 1.9-ish. The developers have clearly made a no nonsense tool, with ambiance taking a back seat to function and effect.

Secondly, Quiz Maker is actually a quite complex platform for creating and utilizing the power of inquiry. Going through the interface, not one single element failed to function, for one thing. This is highly unusual actually, having tested hundreds of such interfaces, most have some bug or other. Also, Quiz Maker even allows for question suggestions from with a matrix of quizes in the system. A convenient search mechanism allows quiz builders to snatch questions from past successful examples (and lots of them). The image below shows this popup, while the image at top shows off the starting UI and editor.

ProProfs quiz building.

Without taking you through each step, suffice it to say building a test with ProProfs is “as advertised” on their site. As for the aforementioned aesthetics, this is, or course, a matter of preference. My only negative in that regard is the lost opportunity where potential customers might adopt, but do not out of sheer revulsion. Well, maybe revolting is too strong, but opportunity knocking indicates someone answering.

Lastly, once you’ve made your customized test or quiz, Quiz Maker allows you to embed, mail, share via Facebook and other networks, and put into motion what you have set out to do. Whether you want to engage a group of business execs in the training room, or some eager kids in the classroom, even blog readers, rich media and other devices can easily be deployed via this cool tool. Even if you hate the look of the service, the free version lets users create unlimited quizzes, and for less than $20 a month, users get analytics and a lot more. Ford Motor Company, Yale University, and dozens of other companies have already used the company’s various products.

For more information about ProProfs’ Quiz Maker, or other services they provide, we suggest visiting them via the links provided. Alternatively, you can connect with the company via Twitter here. Readers who would like to compare other quiz platforms might also look into; Articulate, SCORM Clous, or even SurveyMonkey, among the many others.

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