PR around the world:  PR Pros & Firms Done Bad From Kwittken PR & ICR PR

2016-05-27 by Richard D. Pace

ICR PR Senior VP facing Criminal and Civil Assault Charges

Erin Jennings was out for a night on the town with friends at a pricey NY nightclub, Southside, popular with financial professionals. While there, the group was approached by John Jannarone, a Sr. VP at ICR, a financial communications consultancy. The ladies asked him to leave, he did and then, according to a lawsuit filed in New York’s Federal court, he came back with a beer bottle in his hand and hit Ms. Jennings repeatedly over the head, driving her to the ground with her head bleeding profusely.

Some of her friends got Jennings to the hospital while others remained behind – telling the story of how Jannarone rushed to the security guards (some of whom he appeared to know well) there in the nightclub and begged them to protect him from what he had done. The lawsuit filed by Jennings includes the nightclub because as she claims, that’s exactly what they did – they also did nothing to stop the beating while it happened. Since the civil suit was filed, Jannarone now also faces criminal assault charges.

Jannarone still shows himself working at ICR on his LinkedIn account – think he’ll be doing corporate communications for long?

Ogilvy PR to handle European consumer brief for Bacardi Group

Ogilvy PR’s London office will be handling a consumer PR brief for the extensive brand portfolio of Bacardi – some brands included are their rum, Bombay Sapphire gin, and Grey Goose vodka. The brief covers all of Europe, replacing a number of agencies they previously used in local areas.

Approximately 18 months ago the brand created two centers of excellence, one in North America and one in Europe. Those have seen some internal changes, including hiring CEO Mike Dolan last year and two regional presidents. Just last week the firm appointed a new head of marketing in the U.K., Liam Newton.

Ogilvy PR won the contract against three other agencies.

Interpublic Group’s PR companies representing PepsiCo’s across Western Europe

Interpublic’s CMG Division PR groups will benefit from a recent decision at PepsiCo to consolidate their consumer PR in Western Europe. The contract valued at over $2m is set to split between a “bespoke cross-agency team” of Canvas Blue, a Golin studio subsidiary, and DeVries, already on PepsiCo’s consumer PR roster. The review will include all PepsiCo’s snack brands, foods, and beverages across Western Europe, including Tropicana, Quaker, Lay’s/Walkers, and Pepsi Max. Freud, a long-time PR rep for PepsiCo in Europe will continue, but will only represent Pepsi Max and a few other beverages in the U.K.

Kwittken PR – Likely To Make Mistakes With Sleeman Railside Session Ale Cross-Country Tour

Going on this ride will be two brand ambassadors selected soon to travel across Canada by train. Inspired by company folklore, Railside Session Ale refers to the company’s history in the late 1800s when ingredients being delivered to the brewery by over-filled train cars, spilled hops along the journey. Packaging from the new ale shows the story of how hops began growing wild along the tracks and continues to grow there.

The hunt for two rain-bound ambassadors is on and being led by Kwittken PR – who we predict will not do good work and will make many mistakes along the way.  This is not a firm we think highly of – This is Kwittken’s first efforts on behalf of Sleeman. There will be paid social media posts, video pre-roll, and radio spots.

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