Google and Apple Revenues to be Affected by New Legislation in South Korea

2021-09-13 by EPR Staff

By allowing app users to pay software makers directly for the software they use, legislators in South Korea have passed a new law that will effectively end the fat commissions that tech giants Apple and Google earn from app sales. This affects the business model with which these companies operate and with which they make so much revenue from commission on app sales. Before this new legislation was passed in South Korea, software users were, like everyone else across the world, compelled to pay for applications through the payment gateways provided on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iOS platforms. Similarly,... Read More >

Apple Takes Mom ‘n Pop Company to Court Over Fruit Logo

2020-09-01 by EPR Staff

Natalie Monson started her food blog as a hobby. Then it took off. Then her company added a food prep app that gained a significant following. Now she’s fighting to keep her branding, defending her logo against one of the world’s most powerful – and valuable – brands. Monson’s food blog recipe cards, as well as her app, are emblazoned with a “pear” logo, which Apple said is “too similar” to its iconic “bitten apple.” The company filed a legal action, demanding that Monson stop using the pear logo, and the food blogger decided to fight back. Monson says Apple... Read More >

Samsung PR vs. Apple PR vs. Cisco PR

2016-01-21 by EPR Staff
Samsung vs Apple

When it comes to some of the most competitive industries in today’s market, hardware ranks near the top of the list. Following the happenings in this market bears a close resemblance to watching a television drama unfold. Some of the most notable rivalries over the years include Blackberry vs. Apple, Dell vs. HP, and Samsung vs. Apple. And PR & Marketing is part and parcel of building one’s brands and unique image. Three companies successfully doing this time and time again are Apple, Samsung, and Cisco. However, they do so in completely different ways.   SAMSUNG Many people think of... Read More >

Millions Are Done With Their Droids – Why?

2015-12-23 by EPR Staff
Droid Vs Iphone

In the battle for smartphone supremacy, there are really only two big monsters on the block – iPhone and Android. They are, effectively, the Godzilla and Mecha-Godzilla of the wireless market. For years, the competitors battled toe-to-toe, with one gaining an advantage, then the other closing the gap. Lately though, that trend has swung in one direction … and it seems to be staying that way. Millions of Android owners are switching over to the iPhone, and the reality presents a major tech PR problem for Android manufacturers. In real numbers last quarter, upwards of 30 percent of new iPhone... Read More >

Andrea Cunningham: PR Flack Who Represented Steve Jobs, Portrayed By Sarah Snook

2015-10-22 by EPR Staff
Andrea Cunningham Sarah Snook

[caption id="attachment_71633" align="aligncenter" width="649"] Sarah Snook on the left, Andrea Cunningham on the right[/caption] There aren’t too many public relations professionals portrayed in movies. Then again, there aren’t too many folks who worked alongside Steve Jobs for years. A PR flack, best known as a press agent, often creates the difference between an unknown start-up and a revolutionary brand. Andrea Cunningham managed to produce the latter result for several clients, including Steve Jobs.  The Work of a PR Flack PR flacks use their skills taking action on behalf of clients for any matter related to PR. Employed mostly by public... Read More >

5 Marketing Lessons Every Company Can Learn From Apple

2015-10-01 by Ronn Torossian
apple marketing

Apple, by any standard, has built an amazing brand, but they’ve done more than that. They’ve built a following and a philosophy. When it comes to marketing, few even come close to what they’ve done. Here are some of the ways they market that every company can learn from: Say no to the naysayers. No matter who you are or what product you put before the public, people will tell you to stop being foolish or that you can’t do that and make money. Apple heard all those remarks, from smart people who made it pretty big in life. But... Read More >

Why Retailers are Warring with Apple Pay  

2014-12-18 by EPR Staff

Apple recently launched its new payment system, Apple Pay, which allows customers to purchase items from physical stores using their iPhone and iPad. This idea has been around for quite some time and Google was the first to market with Google Wallet. Both ideas allow users to simple go to a register, pull out their smartphone with the related app and tap it against a receiver. The technology used to transfer the money is Near Field Communication (NFC) which is the same concept as tapping two phones together to transfer information, money, apps or files. Retailer Hesitations As convenient as... Read More >

A Big Apple Travel Gem: The Great New York City Public Library

2014-07-29 by Ronn Torossian
NYC Library

In a city of 30 thousand dollar a year private schools, 800 dollar (or more) a week kids' camps, and $15 an hour babysitters, the New York City Public Library system is such an amazing tool for parents – and NY’ers of all walks of life.  It is a great, free, resource - and one which remains as awesome today as it was years ago. Growing up as an ‘80’s “latch-key" kid, I have fond memories of hours in the Spuyten Duyvil (Bronx) library with my younger sister before walking home. (As my mother insisted we go there so we... Read More >

In Apple’s Mind, The Enemy of My Enemy is a Friend

2013-06-13 by EPR Staff
iOS 7 banner.

The World Wide Developers Conference kicked off this week and among the revelations from developers, one of the most curious came from Apple upon the unveiling of its new iOS 7. The upgrade for iOS on Apple’s mobile devices has received mostly impressive reviews and represents the biggest change to its mobile OS since its development. Despite all the positive reviews, there was considerable confusion over one move from Apple. [caption id="attachment_43357" align="aligncenter" width="585"] iOS 7 coming this Fall, likely with a new iPhone in tow.[/caption] When iOS 7 launches, its popular personal assistant SIRI will no longer conduct searches... Read More >

Apple’s Non-Apology (and Other PR Blunders)

2012-12-04 by EPR Staff
Rich "Uncle" Pennybags

What makes the perfect apology? Sincerity, for a start. Remorse. Acceptance. A great big serving of humble pie; we can all pretty much agree what’s required. Now look at those qualities and tell us how many of them you associate with faceless multinationals. If you said ‘none whatsoever’, congratulations: you’re cynical enough to be an adult. Here are three of the least successful apologies ever given in recent history: Apple’s non-apology to Samsung Evidently aspiring to be the Donald Trump of tech, Apple whacked Samsung with a copyright infringement lawsuit over their tablet computer design, then threw a massive tantrum... Read More >

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