Samsung PR vs. Apple PR vs. Cisco PR

Samsung vs Apple

When it comes to some of the most competitive industries in today’s market, hardware ranks near the top of the list. Following the happenings in this market bears a close resemblance to watching a television drama unfold. Some of the most notable rivalries over the years include Blackberry vs. Apple, Dell vs. HP, and Samsung […]

Millions Are Done With Their Droids – Why?

Droid Vs Iphone

In the battle for smartphone supremacy, there are really only two big monsters on the block – iPhone and Android. They are, effectively, the Godzilla and Mecha-Godzilla of the wireless market. For years, the competitors battled toe-to-toe, with one gaining an advantage, then the other closing the gap. Lately though, that trend has swung in […]

Why Retailers are Warring with Apple Pay  


Apple recently launched its new payment system, Apple Pay, which allows customers to purchase items from physical stores using their iPhone and iPad. This idea has been around for quite some time and Google was the first to market with Google Wallet. Both ideas allow users to simple go to a register, pull out their […]

In Apple’s Mind, The Enemy of My Enemy is a Friend

iOS 7 banner.

The World Wide Developers Conference kicked off this week and among the revelations from developers, one of the most curious came from Apple upon the unveiling of its new iOS 7. The upgrade for iOS on Apple’s mobile devices has received mostly impressive reviews and represents the biggest change to its mobile OS since its development. Despite all the positive reviews, there was considerable confusion over one move from Apple.

Apple’s Non-Apology (and Other PR Blunders)

Rich "Uncle" Pennybags

What makes the perfect apology? Sincerity, for a start. Remorse. Acceptance. A great big serving of humble pie; we can all pretty much agree what’s required. Now look at those qualities and tell us how many of them you associate with faceless multinationals. If you said ‘none whatsoever’, congratulations: you’re cynical enough to be an adult.