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Without Loyalty, You Won’t Accomplish Anything

2020-06-29 by Ronn Torossian

Without Loyalty, You Won’t Accomplish Anything That quote from controversial rapper and singer YoungBoy Never Broke Again sums it up for today’s marketers wanting to know everything they need about customer engagement and loyalty. Yet, according to private discount network company Access Development, American companies spend more than $180 billion annually in advertising compared to $2 billion on loyalty programs.  Yet, the cost to attract new customers is much more expensive than the investment to retain and cultivate existing ones. Early consumer results coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic place an exclamation point on the importance of customer engagement and... Read More >

How Media Agencies Connect Brands to Audiences

2020-04-23 by Jim Crickell

How Media Agencies Connect Brands to Audiences A media agency is there to advise companies and brands on how and where to advertise products or services, along with the best ways for brands to present themselves to the public in a positive light. The main services that a media agency offers its clients is public relations, advertising, as well as various other forms of media management. A good media agency obviously has expertise in all of the services it offers, and brands need those skills to better reach the target audience. Plenty of businesses constantly battle with the question of... Read More >