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New Zealand issues Digital Media RFP & Rwanda Seeks Energy PR Firm

2016-01-15 by EPR Staff
Te Māngai Pāho

Te Māngai Pāho  (Māori Broadcast Funding Agency), a New Zealand government entity responsible for promoting Māori language and culture by providing funding for Māori language programming on radio, television and music has issued a RFP for a digital media agency to create programming for new audiences. They seek to create vibrant programming around digital content – and are willing to invest $500,000 for programming that focuses on Māori audiences (including Māori speaking audiences), or Māori stories for general audiences.  They specifically seek a web series and believe a digital media agency can assist with this “..genre of storytelling that is... Read More >

Spark PR: A Tech Public Relations Agency

2016-01-04 by EPR Staff
Spark PR everything-pr

Chris Hempel and Donna Sokolsky Burke founded Spark PR in 1999 – since then, in 2006, Alan Soucy was named as CEO and day-to-day leadership of the firm has been split between Soucy and Burke as managing partners. The PR firm is privately owned and offers PR services to consumer markets and tech firms. In the early years, in the middle and toward the end of the tech boom, payment sometimes came in the form of options in the start-ups they represented. And they fared well enough through that time. But, then as Soucy joined the firm, Spark grew, and... Read More >

America’s First English Settlement Seeks A PR Firm For Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

2015-12-30 by EPR Staff
The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation (JYF) is seeking proposals from public relations firms with significant national experience in travel and tourism to plan, coordinate, implement and administer a national and regional public relations campaign to introduce the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown will have a grand opening in 2017.  JYF also operates Jamestown Settlement museum and anticipates companion messaging on this museum and a combination ticket in public relations efforts. $15 Million has been raised to finance the opening of the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown’s gallery exhibits, outdoor exhibits and educational resources. Jamestown Settlement is... Read More >

Child Molesting Priest Seeks To Hire A PR Agency

2015-12-22 by EPR Staff
Rev Joseph D. Maurizio Jr

Rev. Joseph D. Maurizio Jr. Seeks Positive Publicity Before February Sentencing Everything-PR has exclusively learned that Father Joseph D. Maurizio, a priest in Federal Prison for child sexual abuse charges has contacted a number of public relations firms seeking an agency willing to work the media to assist him in getting out of jail, or receiving a lenient sentence. The Pennsylvania-based 70 year old was found guilty of “having sex with three boys at a Honduran orphanage that he supported through his nonprofit foundation, transferring money outside the United States to fund his illicit activities and having pornographic photos of... Read More >

$88 Per Hour For Ketchum PR Interns From American Government

2015-12-10 by EPR Staff
Ketchum PR

In part three of our analysis of the study which revealed that the American federal government is the 2nd largest Public Relations company in the world, we review the pay for government public relations. The report – which may be read in full here, is entitled “How Federal agency PR spending advances their interests rather than the public interest fiscal years 2007 – 2014.” The study reviewed that interns are being billed by PR firms to the government at rates between $48 - $88.  Surely, PR companies aren’t paying them anywhere near that. The study reviewed contracts of those contracting... Read More >

An APCO Fire Is Burning In India

2015-12-02 by EPR Staff
APCO Worldwide PR Logo

“We have been contacted twice in recent weeks by private PR companies representing Indian govt. officials. Good use of govt funds? @PMOIndia” Such was a tweet from Washington Post India bureau chief Annie Gowen that set off a barrage of Tweets that followed. The height of the Twitter debate reached its peak on Saturday. Its focus? In using these private PR companies, is Prime Minister Narendra Modi frittering away valuable public funds to enhance the image of his BJP-Led government? The Tweet also led to a viral trend - #ModiMediaGate. Ms. Gowen also tweeted on Saturday, “Point being Modi govt... Read More >

BIC North America Pens Searches For A Public Relations Company

2015-11-24 by EPR Staff
BIC north america

We have learned that BIC North America is searching for a public relations firm of record for both their consumer and corporate business. They seek a firm who can assist in all aspects of consumer PR, including product launches, day-to-day media relations and similar needs. The company also seeks a firm able “to mitigate potential crises, as well as to navigate through a crisis (product recall, safety issue, reputational or financial) and similar needs. BIC is based in Connecticut and is a leading manufacturer of stationery, lighters, and men’s and women’s shavers. BIC, sells its products in 160 countries throughout... Read More >

Memphis Police to Launch Marketing Campaign

2015-11-23 by EPR Staff
Memphis Police

The Memphis Police Department is searching for a firm to assist them with a marketing campaign in order to increase recruitment to the city’s finest.   The RFP seems to seek a kindler, gentler, smarter recruiter – instead of focusing on brute strength.  They seek “qualified applicants who are centered with honesty, loyalty, pride, respect, strength, and courage.” They are looking to create a multi-channel, cost-effective, media campaign that reinforces MPD’s recruiting efforts, and “strengthens the image and interest, not only for law enforcement, but for a career path with the Memphis Police Department (MPD).” The RFP notes that, “The common... Read More >

Shift Communications: Profile Of A Public Relations Firm

2015-11-23 by EPR Staff
Shift Communications Logo

SHIFT Communications is a top-tier PR & marketing firm comprised of over one hundred smart and creative professionals working out of Boston, San Francisco, NYC, and Austin. In Europe it works with and through an affiliate, the Hoffman Agency. Put simply, SHIFT seeks, builds, and converts new audiences capable of driving business expansion for consumer, media, and technology companies. The company was founded when assets of the former PR firm Sterling Hager were acquired by three of their former executives (Jim Joyal, Todd Defren, and Ed Weiler) in 2003. The three then renamed the firm to SHIFT Communications. In 2006,... Read More >

Florida Municipal Power Needs Their Intranet Re-Powered With Digital Media Firm

2015-11-21 by EPR Staff

The Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA), a nonprofit, wholesale electric utilities and associated services company that serves 30 Florida municipal electric utility system members is seeking a digital media firm to re-design FMPA’s intranet.  The entity, according to Wikipedia was “created largely in response to the Arab oil embargo that hit the U.S. economy hard in the 1970s. At that time, many of Florida's municipal electric utilities were trying to determine how to survive, and small cities needed the economies of scale that a larger organization could provide.” Today, FMPA’s primary purpose is to develop power supply projects and related... Read More >

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