Ready to Invest? In Industrial Equipment? Look To Strongbox

Look To Strongbox Leasing for your industrial equipment investing needs
Ready to Invest In Industrial Equipment? Look To Strongbox

What is industrial equipment and why invest?

At the beginning of each new year, our editorial staff, here at Everything PR evaluates trends in the investing world. The industrial equipment sector also includes companies involved in the installation, assembly, and repair of machinery at factories, plants and construction sites. One company stood out to US News and we felt our readers should know about this excellent investment opportunity with our friends at Strongbox.

Celebrating 15 years of business success, Strongbox Leasing is growing at a pace that would make most businesses green with envy. Specializing in industrial equipment rentals as well as container rentals, the company is part of an industry estimated to be doing more than $1 trillion business in today’s global market. As a result, whereas Strongbox Leasing was started by only three partners, it has since grown to include nearly 50 sales reps, employees, and partners, demonstrating the exceptional growth it has experienced. Along with these exciting developments, there are many more reasons to be excited about Strongbox Leasing in the years to come.

Rapid Growth

Strongbox is part of a $1 trillion global market involving the leasing and renting of industrial equipment. As such, current research indicates even more growth is projected over the next 5-10 years, as more and more companies face various issues including growing economic uncertainty in the U.S. and abroad, as well as increasing costs to purchase equipment. Because of this, many companies do not have adequate amounts of capital to invest in these large purchases, leading them to lease or rent equipment from companies such as Strongbox.

Customized Solutions

For many companies like Strongbox, customized solutions are a must in today’s ever-changing business world. Rather than get bogged down by one bad decision, companies now want the flexibility to adapt to changing trends and market conditions. Realizing this, Strongbox has made this a top priority in recent years, with the results being nothing but positive. In fact, the latest report released by the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation predicts companies will increase their investments in equipment leasing by more than seven percent in the coming year, making Strongbox a smart choice for companies everywhere.

Large Inventory

Strongbox Leasing's Inventory is Large and Varied
Strongbox Inventory is Large and Varied

For industrial equipment leasing companies to succeed, they must continually have a large inventory of the most innovative and state-of-the-art equipment available to its customers. With Strongbox, this is exactly what customers will find each and every time. Whether a project is large or small, companies can have access to all types of construction vehicles, earth movers, lifting and compaction equipment, shipping and storage containers of all shapes and sizes, and much more. By continually making this equipment available to customers at reasonable prices, Strongbox plays an important role in helping companies complete various projects on time and within their budgets.

Appealing to Many Industries

Since construction projects take place within numerous types of industries, it is important for an equipment leasing company such as Strongbox to have the experience and knowledge needed to gain the confidence of potential customers. With its 15 years of continued growth and excellent reputation within the industry, finding and retaining customers is never a problem. Since its founders have many years of experience in engineering, heavy equipment, and construction, they have the expertise needed to work well with and understand what is important to customers in such areas as mining, gas and oil, construction, and numerous other industries. As business executives themselves, they understand the important roles cost-efficiency and profitability play in helping a company succeed in both the short and long-term. By continuing to offer customized solutions that emphasize these areas, Strongbox is able to recruit new customers and retain current ones with little difficulty.

Investing in Technology

As technology works its way more and more into construction and other industries, the equipment needed to complete various projects will need to be that which utilizes state-of-the-art features and capabilities. Because of this, Strongbox is constantly examining new developments in this area and strives to retain the equipment for customers that is always cutting-edge and innovative. This is becoming more and more important within the industrial equipment leasing industry since some experts predict that while the industry is projected to grow at a rate of seven percent now, that number may jump to as high as 30 percent in only a few years. As countries around the world begin to build stronger economies due to projects in construction, gas and oil, and mining, they will be in need of technologically-advanced equipment to complete their projects, which is where Strongbox can help.

Unbreakable Core Values

With its core values of high quality, sustainable growth, and being a trusted partner to clients, Strongbox has a set of core values customers can count on to be unbreakable. Knowing high quality and excellent customer service go hand-in-hand, Strongbox aims to provide peace of mind to customers. In fact, the company’s service to customers doesn’t stop with equipment leasing. Along with this, they help develop practical and sustainable market development strategies, ensuring the requirements and issues customers face are fully understood. In doing so, a high level of trust is forged, creating a partnership that will last for decades.

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