MWW PR Group Fires Anthony Weiner – NY Post Says Michael Kempner Whined

2015-09-16 by Richard D. Pace

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Anthony Weiner out at MWW. CEO of MWW PR whined according to the NY Post.

One of the largest independent PR firms in America, MWW PR Group, has today fired former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.

As The New York Post has reported, Michael Kempner, the founder and CEO of MWW sent a note to the entire PR firm saying, “Over the past few months, it has become clear that a handful of people and a few media outlets continue to be fixated on Anthony, attempting to cause harm to him and by extension to our agency. The continuous noise from these parties has caused both Anthony and the MWW team to have to deal with many inflammatory, insulting and false stories.

Page Six, noting Kempner “whined” continued to note that Weiner resigned as a member of The MWW Group advisory board. Everything PR notes that this is a major blunder for The MWW Group – and will have many questioning their judgment.

During the time Weiner was associated with MWW, all of their announcements and press releases included “MWWPR, the firm who hired Anthony Weiner…” They chose to make it a point of “pride” by doing this, in effect rubbing everyone’s noses in their choice. It might have been wiser to simply make that statement when they first brought him on board and leave it at that, rather than re-announcing it several times a week.

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While MWW has scored no points with The NY Post by closely aligning with Weiner & Hillary Clinton, Kempner remains in an active dispute with The New York Times surrounding the coverage of Hillary Clinton via a close association with David Brock.  A review of Michael Kempner’s Facebook page reveals multiple criticisms of The NY Times coverage of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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MWW is headquartered in New York and has nine other office locations, including two outside the U.S. – in London and the United Kingdom. The agency specializes in corporate reputation, consumer lifestyle marketing, crisis and issues management, digital and social media marketing, consumer and enterprise tech, government affairs, and data and analytics. They focus much of their attention in the travel and tourism, media, corporate social responsibility, advertising and technology, travel and tourism, LGBT, responsibility, healthcare, wellness and nutrition communications and entertainment public relations sectors. Everything PR will continue to lead Public Relations news coverage of relevant PR news from agencies.

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MWW Headquarters- New York

MWWPR was founded by Michael Kempner in 1986. MWWPR since then grew to the 4th largest independent public relations firm in the U.S. and Kempner sold the company to the Interpublic Group of Agencies in 2000.

Editor’s Note: According to Capital New York, Weiner was made aware of his firing via the mass company email. Weiner criticized MWW PR, noting “I need a PR company to recover from working for a PR company.” All around, terrible handling of this situation by this agency. One wonders will this affect Kempner’s relationship with Camp Hillary Clinton?

Editor’s Note (2):  We have been made aware that yet another senior employee of MWW-PR has resigned from the firm.  Ryan Carbain, senior director for public affairs at MWW is leaving the firm to join Rubenstein Communications’ public affairs practice. Carbain worked for MWW PR Group for nearly five years and was formerly employed for Senator Robert Menendez.  Thanks for tip goes to Politco.


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