EComm 911 Issues Advertising RFP

E-COMM has a mandate to inform and educate the public on the purpose and use of 9-1-1, to support effective use of the life-saving service and increase public understanding of E-COMM and its various public safety obligations. This work is directed by the E-COMM Corporate Communications Department, made up of an executive director, a manager […]

Things marketers should know about Hulu’s new ads

Let’s be honest, most people get annoyed when they’re forced to watch an ad while they’re streaming videos. However, a few weeks ago, Hulu unveiled a solution to disrupting people while in the midst of binge-watching a TV series. The solution which Hulu has described as a “non-intrusive, viewer-initiated” ad unit is an advertisement that […]

What is an Advertising & Public Relations Search Consultant?

Exactly What is an Advertising & Public Relations Search Consultant

That’s a pretty long title for a job, is must be important, right? Turns out, it actually is. A Public Relations search consultant (or ad agency search consultant) helps a client find the perfect advertising agency for them. There are hundreds, even thousands, of agencies out there and it can be a daunting task for […]