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Canadian Town Issues Branding RFP

2017-06-18 by EPR Staff
Canadian Town Issues Branding RFP

Town of Shediac in Canada is seeking a branding agency to provide brand consulting, design and public engagement services as part of a brand development project. Target groups to be engaged will include the local community at large and stakeholders such as the cultural, multicultural, not-for-profit, tourism and business communities. Creating an exciting, new, evolutionary, progressive and transformational brand positioning for the Town of Shediac, New Brunswick that conveys the identity, energy and ambition of the community is what this vitally important project is all about. A brand positioning for Shediac is largely the development of what is known as... Read More >

North Dakota PR Firms: Where Are You?

2017-06-17 by EPR Staff
North Dakota PR Firms Where Are You

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture is soliciting proposals for a contractor to provide marketing services for the Department’s 2017 Pride of Dakota Showcase Events (“Events”). The Department is seeking a dynamic agency with strong, full-service capabilities that can produce a quality advertising and marketing campaign for the Events. The campaign must be multi-platform and integrated to maximize cost-effectiveness and outreach. Pride of Dakota (“POD”) was created in 1985 by former Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Jones who asked a small group of North Dakota businesses and the Department marketing staff to develop an identifiable state brand that would designate products... Read More >

Non-Profit Issues Real Estate RFP

2017-05-30 by EPR Staff
Non-Profit Issues Real Estate RFP

Kearney Housing Development Corporation, a Nebraska based non-profit has issued an RFP for Marketing and PR Services. Kearney Housing Development Corporation (KHDC) is looking to elevate its new brand by partnering with innovative and exciting partners to help KHDC to enhance the image of the corporation. KHDC intends to create a marketing campaign that is modern, professional, and attractive to potential donors and stakeholders. Looking for new ideas to develop the marketing campaign, KHDC intends to contract with a Marketing firm. The Kearney Housing Development Corporation (hereinafter, "KHDC") is a non-profit entity that was formed in 1994 to assist the... Read More >

Website Redesign RFP Issued

2017-05-28 by EPR Staff
Website Redesign RFP Issued

United Indian Health Services, Inc. has issued an RFP for Website Redesign Consulting and Services. Purpose: United Indian Health Services, Inc. (UIHS) is requesting proposals from qualified firms that have experience in providing website design services for nonprofit organizations that operate within the community healthcare environment. The general objectives and desired outcomes of the Project include the following: Redesign and streamline the UIHS website to update overall feel and allow for mobile device compatibility. Full conversion of current content UIHS site to newly designed format(s). Provide training to IT and Marketing Staff to facilitate long term maintenance of the website.... Read More >

News From Hawkins, Fenton, Weber Shandwick, APCO, and WE Communications

2017-05-24 by EPR Staff
Hawkins International PR

Hawkins Hires Kristen Boehm for Digital Practice Hawkins International PR nabbed Kristin Boehm from DKC as their digital director. Boehm brings a resume that includes a stint as online editor at the New York Post and People.com’s editor-in-chief. In additional to Boehm, the firm put Andrea Capodilupo in as their first specialist in corporate communications at the end of 2016. She’s directing corporate thought leadership and picking up more media exposure for clients and brands represented by the agency. Ben Wyskida Becomes CEO at Fenton Michael Huttner has been acting CEO and with the change of bringing Ben Wyskida in... Read More >

Johnson City, Tennessee Issues Branding RFP

2017-05-17 by EPR Staff
Johnson City, Tennessee Issues Branding RFP

City of Johnson City, Tennessee has issued a branding RFP. The primary goals/objectives to be achieved by the branding initiative include: Uniformity - The brand should convey a common message and image to audiences both within and outside of Johnson City. Community Identity/Pride – Identify and promote what makes Johnson City distinct and appealing in a regionally competitive environment for investors, businesses, retailers, visitors, and residents. Community and Economic Development Promotion – Promote a healthy economy, attract private investment, new residents and young professionals, and retain key businesses and creative talent. A defined message that will market Johnson City locally,... Read More >

Sacramento Seeking Marketing Agency

2017-05-16 by EPR Staff
Sacramento Seeking Marketing Agency

City of West Sacramento is seeking a marketing agency for Kid's Home Run. Purpose: This effort is aimed at students, influencers, families of small children, and business / labor/ industry leaders. The current target audiences for the City of West Sacramento Kids’ Home Run branding and marketing are as follows: Primary Target Audiences: Families of young children aged 0 – 3 years old: This will be the primary audience for the Universal Preschool for West Sacramento program of the Kids’ Home Run, as well as the College Savings account program of the Kids’ Home Run. Teens and young adults aged... Read More >

Tunnel collapse puts PR pressure on nuclear energy

2017-05-15 by Ronn Torossian

As the debate about fossil-fuel energy continues to rage, a small but dedicated and growing chorus is calling for a renewal of nuclear energy. Once considered to be the fuel of the future, nuclear has ardent fans and equally dedicated opponents. And, after a recent tunnel collapse at a nuclear weapons complex, score a point for those worried about potential fallout of a more nuclear energy grid. The tunnel collapse took place at the Hanford nuclear weapons complex in Washington State, a place where toxic waste created during the Manhattan Project has been stored. Critics have been complaining for years... Read More >

UN Seeking Communications Agency For Armenia

2017-05-12 by EPR Staff
UN Seeking Communications Agency For Armenia

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is seeking a communications agency. Purpose and Background The 25th anniversary of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Armenia is an opportunity to reflect on the UNDP’s activities in Armenia since 1993 and take stock of its long-lasting achievements. It is also an opportunity to focus where the UNDP needs to further increase its efforts to address current and future challenges across the three pillars of its work: sustainable development, democratic governance, and climate and disaster resilience. UNDP has been present in Armenia for 25 years, and holds a unique position as a... Read More >

Happenings from Golin, APCO Worldwide, 42West & Bell Pottinger

2017-05-11 by EPR Staff
Fyre Festival Epic Public Relations Fail

Fyre Festival and 42West Efforts When the Fyre Festival was canceled on opening day a few weeks ago, it was not pretty – in so many ways! The luxury accommodations in many cases turned out to be tents used in disaster assistance situations, the multi-star cuisine to be provided by a celebrity chef instead turned out to be bread and cheese with some salad … all dry. To say nothing of all the people stranded in airports and on the island itself. But in those few weeks from the disastrous non-opening, at least six lawsuits have been filed, most recently... Read More >

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