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#Skype for Linux, Mac, and Developers

Being as you all out there on Google are hogging up #Skype news, Everything PR News will offer this brunch of Skype news for your leisure. Skype 4.0 for Linux to 5.8 for Mac, there’s a lot brewing at our favorite free phone service.

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Hollywood Throws More Dirt on Netflix

Netflix recently announced that is has signed an exclusive deal to air an original TV series called “House of Cards”.  The move puts Netflix one step closer to being real contender against traditional cable...

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Social Media Gains Ground in Holiday Marketing Campaign

When it comes to holiday advertising budgets, while print is still the big winner, social and online channels are growing stronger this season, say research results from BDO USA. Nearly 27% of retailers said they would spend most of their budget for the holiday season online, including on social network marketing.

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Levick Communications, Kaplow & Widemeyer: Branding the Branders

Everything PR News continues a survey of America’s top PR firms. For online business, it a special type of self branding is necessary. The greater a firm’s resources, the greater the commitment necessary to engage people online. Some companies still rely on spin and appearances, sending the wrong message. Bottom line, if a company cannot commit, better stay off the porch.