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Public Relations Wars: Wal-Mart versus Target

Wal-Mart and Target dominate the discount chain market in America – how do they approach Public Relations? Proactive Versus Reactive Strategies Wal-Mart spends a lot of PR resources on crisis management –  Every year,...

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Liz Kaplow and Richard Levick: PR CEO’s

Two of the biggest names in the PR industry, Liz Kaplow, and Richard Levick founded Kaplow Communications and Levick Communications. They control two of the fastest growing PR companies in the New York Metro...

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YouTube Ad of the Decade

Can you believe it, YouTube just celebrated its tenth anniversary. And guess how they did it – they had a battle of the best ads during their 10-year run. All of the top five...

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PR on Facebook: 100 Must “Like” Public Relations Pages

Not a top, but a resource of professional Facebook pages by PRs, and for PRs. We’ve picked some of the most popular companies and introduced them alongside smaller agencies, always considering their updates, and the way they engaged with their communities.

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Free Skype WiFi Now Available in the UK and in Ireland

A new service called Free Skype WiFi has been launched today by Wicoms and Skype in UK and the Republic of Ireland. Businesses can purchase this service at skypewifi.wicoms.com and its launch comes after a recent survey made by Wicoms which has revealed that 52% of those had used Wi-Fi hotspots generally had a poor experience. This partnership aims to provide businesses and consumers with access to free quality public WiFi.

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News Consumption Survey Shows Decline of Traditional Media

Given the new technologies and devices available, news consumption has changed during the past few years. A comprehensive study by Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that even television, which had a steady audience even through the rise of the Internet, is now declining, along with other traditional media.