Getting More Visibility on LinkedIn

2021-12-22 by EPR Staff
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When businesses are looking to connect with their target audiences on LinkedIn, one of the most ideal places to start is the company’s page on the platform. Between trying out video-based content and creating better posts, there are plenty of ways that businesses can get more visibility on the platform. Using Hashtags One of the things that a number of social media platforms have in common is the fact that content can be categorized using different hashtags . People are able to follow different hashtags on the platform, and once they do, they get any relevant content tagged with that... Read More >

Stop! Thief!

2019-10-18 by EPR Staff

Stop! Thief! That may have been the cry until earlier this month when the latest appeals court decision that web scraping doesn’t break anti-trust laws. LinkedIn lost its two-year legal battle with a private company that it had blocked from its site for allegedly stealing publicly available data from its website. How Does It Affect My Organization? The most susceptible organizations appear to be those with memberships and sites that allow access to proprietary information. Web scrapers can sign up, pay a fee, if necessary, and harvest any information available. In addition, any sites that request personal information, from Facebook... Read More >

How to Land the PR Job of Your Dreams

2015-04-22 by EPR Staff
Landing the PR Job of Your Dreams

The PR industry is growing. It is estimated that the number of professionals working in the PR industry will grow about 25% during this decade. So landing a PR job isn’t likely to happen just because you faxed in a quality resume. Here are a few tips to consider in your journey toward employment in the job of your dreams. Land with Current LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn has become one of the major resources used by recruiters to research and contact prospective employees. This should be your major social media platform regarding job hunting. In one place, you can have resume... Read More >

Social Media Marketing Trends

2015-01-12 by EPR Staff
Social Media Marketing

2015 is bringing some incredibly innovative social media marketing trends to the forefront. The end of 2014 saw some of these techniques sneak up on the marketplace; however, this year will bring them in full force. Here are some of the trends that you should jump on top of if you are planning to create longevity for yourself into the next decade. First, the video will come into its own as a marketing tool. Facebook finally surpassed YouTube as the number one place to put videos in 2014. Although YouTube had more views, Facebook had more videos. This goes along... Read More >

Growth Hacking Your Business

2014-12-31 by EPR Staff
growth hacking

These days, more and more start-up companies and small businesses are interested in generating company growth without spending a great deal of money. If this is the case for you, you should know that you can use a wide variety of growth hacking strategies to make it happen. Although defined diversely, the concept of growth hacking is quite simple. The term refers to the use of analytical thinking, social metrics, and innovative strategies to increase visibility and conversion rates.   Here are some of the most effective growth hacking strategies you should consider using: Build Brand Ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are... Read More >

Networking in Public Relations: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

2014-10-03 by EPR Staff
networking in public relations

In today's world, success in business is not measured in the amount you spend on marketing, but on the number of relationships you have established. Throwing millions of dollars at ad agencies won't make you a leader in the industry – but spending time creating and nurturing relationships with others will. There are a few ways to approach networking effectively, and each offers certain advantages over the others.  In-Person networking Attending networking events in your town or city is a great way to meet others in your industry who are working in the same field. It's easier to establish a... Read More >

9 Super LinkedIn Influencers You Should Follow

2014-04-16 by EPR Staff
LinkedIn influencers

  With over 240 million active users, LinkedIn is by far the most valuable business-centric social network ever dreamed of. Every evangelist of social media knows too, this game of visibility and viability we play daily online, it's all about influence really. Given this transparent fact, the only thing as powerful as being influential, is knowing someone who is. To this end I present a list (not exhaustive) of 9 LinkedIn influentials you'd do well to follow (if not flat out emulate). Guy Kawasaki There's nobody more influential really, not on any social network, than Guy. His mantra of "empowering... Read More >

LinkedIn Recruiter, Vital for Social Recruitment Strategies

2013-07-23 by EPR Staff
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LinkedIn Recruiter is not a mystery tool: recruiters from major companies like Nokia, Astreya, Intel, L’Oréal, PepsiCo, Sony, and many others are already using this “talent solution” to build a solid talent pipeline, cut recruiting costs, and reach out to higher-caliber candidates. The customer database using LinkedIn Recruiter is constantly growing. A paid offer available to businesses, this service is part of LinkedIn continuous efforts to becoming the strongest network for recruiters and job hunters, rivaling employment websites like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed and others. LinkedIn is already considered among the best job searches websites in the world, and now aims... Read More >

LinkedIn Joins Facebook in Sponsored Content Frenzy

2013-07-22 by EPR Staff

LinkedIn sponsored updates are already used by the likes of Hubspot, Xerox, Lenovo and American Express OPEN, all companies that offered glowing reviews, praising LinkedIn's marketing "innovation." "We have seen very high quality leads coming in from our Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn. Not only can we target the audience we want to, we can promote our best performing content, getting even more out of this marketing solution," said Amanda Sibley Global Marketing Relations Manager, Hubspot, cited by LinkedIn Content Marketing. The move is not entirely new. It was already extensively analyzed at the beginning of July, as LinkedIn's first content-marketing... Read More >

10 LinkedIn Groups for PR, and Why We Love Them

2013-02-25 by EPR Staff
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LinkedIn is a great place to meet fellow professionals, exchange ideas, get tips, discover relevant articles and trends, find jobs and join interesting discussions. Public relations is a well represented field on LinkedIn, with many professionals in the network and some really active groups. Here are 10 of our favorite LinkedIn groups for PR pros. Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales, Word-of-Mouth & Buzz Innovators by Gerald Haman – as far as I see, this is the largest PR professionals group on LinkedIn with over 205 k members. Since there are so many members, the topics covered are very wide. You’ll see... Read More >

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