Brunswick Group to Clean Up BP Reputation with Aggressive PR Campaign

2010-05-11 by EPR Staff
Brunswick Group Communications

PR giant Brunswick Group will handle British Petroleum's PR strategies in the months to come, Politico reports. The publication describes the future campaign as "aggressive." For BP's sake, I can only hope that Politico just used a figure of speech. British Petroleum is in no position for aggressive PR campaigns. What they need is a advocate/relationship management type of approach, and as much transparency as possible for a company in their position. So far, BP's response to questions regarding the massive Gulf oil spill they caused was vague, and lacked transparency. Hopefully Brunswick Group will have the common sense to advise... Read More >

New York Gets Free WiFi from Time Warner, And Then?

2010-03-25 by EPR Staff
NYC Free Wifi Hotspot

More hot spots for New Yorkers in need of an internet connection. Time Warner has upped the ante, releasing a long list of places where existing customers can log on for free. This is something that AT&T has been doing for some time, even in New York City (and other cities across the nation). So is Time Warner making a good move for its brand, or is it lagging behind competitors when it comes to direct consumer products and relations? The new hot spots are a certain perk for Time Warner customers, and they offer a variety to those internet... Read More >

Crisis PR: Another Recall, This Time Killer Pringles

2010-03-09 by EPR Staff
PR Crisis Pringles

Cars, kids toys, candy bars, and now even Pringles potato chips appear to be less safe than we once thought. In the news today the Food and Drug Administration recommended that Proctor & Gamble recall some of its products. According to the reports, the chips contain hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) which was produced by Basic Food Flavors, Inc. That company issued a recall last week after finding Salmonella in their equipment. Who thinks about Salmonella in potato chips? We had all better now it appears. Killer potato chips, only in the 21st Century. The really bad news is, Pringles is... Read More >

How Do You Say Bing with a British Accent?

2010-03-08 by EPR Staff
Bing PR

Having pushed the project pretty hard in the US, Microsoft feels it's time to go global with its Bing marketing. The company announced its plans to reveal several television ad spots in the UK, promoting Microsoft Bing as a prevalent search engine. The idea, of course, is to convince consumers that Bing is better than Google for search. The UK television ads will be quite similar to the Bing commercials shown in the US, with someone asking a question of another, only to receive a spewing stream of incoherent answers. The ads are initially slotted to run a full month,... Read More >

Deconstructing Silicon Valley Social Media Dogma

2010-03-08 by EPR Staff
Silicon Valley Social Media

If you are an entrepreneur or business person intent on taking your company into the digital age via social networking and media, you may have stumbled upon the right article to set you on course. With 500 books, and as many so called "social media gurus" out there gasping for your attention, the road to Internet engagement can certainly be fraught with mis-information. The simple truth of what many people term "the conversation" (digital social interaction) is, "no pitch will be successful in the end unless it is the truth." If you are reading this, then you have already experienced... Read More >

Crisis PR: Swami Nithyananda – India’s Leading Spiritual Guru May Be Promoting Sexual Healing

2010-03-03 by EPR Staff

A huge story from India today reveals an alleged sex scandal involving Swami Nithyananda, one of India's most popular spiritual gurus. A sex video, supposedly depicting Swami Nithyananda with as yet unidentified Tamil actress, was aired by several India TV outlets. This holy man has a worldwide following extending all over India, to Malaysia and even the United States. Everything PR News found the original Sun TV broadcast(below). Apparently Swami Nithyananda is promoting "sexual healing" now? Update: I could not help but add a video of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" the atmosphere of this article was so thick with irony.... Read More >

Wachovia Crisis PR: Login Issues Bring Negative Press for the Bank

2010-03-02 by EPR Staff
Wachovia Public Relations

In January, Bank of America's corporate website, and the bank's image as a whole, suffered because of some technical difficulties and poor crisis response from the Bank's customer support team. Twitter appeared to be the Bank's only medium of communication, to the dissatisfaction of the customers who are less web savvy and prefer other means of information (like news, email announcements, etc). Today, similar reports could affect Wachovia. A few minutes ago login issues and website outage have been reported by a few credible sources like the Huffington Post and The Business Insider. Apparently, some customers have problems login into their... Read More >

The Educationalization of Social Media

2010-03-02 by EPR Staff
Social Media Education

Facebook began as a school-specific network where students and teachers could interact. My, how things have changed in just a few short years. Despite those early beginnings, Facebook isn't the first place students or teachers run to in order to communication with each other. The desire for teachers and other education professionals to use social media for connecting with students, however, is making a comeback. When Facebook first launched, online social networking was still gaining a foothold in popular culture. Friendster was still hanging on for dear life, and MySpace was becoming big business as its network became a hub... Read More >

WebTrends Analytics Now Measures Facebook

2010-02-27 by EPR Staff

WebTrends, a company with a focus in customer intelligence, has just announced their newest development, Facebook measuring. Their tool, WebTrends Analytics, can now measure what is going on in Facebook. With 400 million users, Facebook has a large audience to market to. WebTrends Analytics makes it far easier to see just what is going on with those users, who spend an average of an hour on the popular social media site every day. The advertising on the site is going through the roof and being able to see precisely what is going on helps marketers produce more targeted ads. This... Read More >

Winter Olympic Flashback 1968

2010-02-13 by EPR Staff
Winter Olympic Flashback 1968

My first Olympic memories came from our first color television set. The year was 1968, a season of many Baby Boomer's lives I am sure most will recall. There were lots of firsts for Olympic competition that year for a generation of people, snapshots of greatness witnessed for this first time in living color for one. That year, the X Winter Olympiad belonged to France, and to a little city in the French Alps called Grenoble. Oh, and it belonged to maybe the greatest alpine Olympian ever too, one Jean-Claude Killy. Telling you what it was like to be transported... Read More >

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