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Growth Hacking Your Business

These days, more and more start-up companies and small businesses are interested in generating company growth without spending a great deal of money. If this is the case for you, you should know that...

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An Unstoppable New Russia Business Culture Getting 50’s Ink

Russia’s re-emergence cannot be dampened furthermore by Cold War containment strategies, or either by useless economic sanctions. Vladmir Putin’s energy dealings with China and others, news of Aeroflot’s low-cost airline, and the Russia Internet Entrepreneurship Forum of late, these and other moves foretell of an all out economic competition the west may well lose. There’s a secret weapon in Russia’s new battle for coming to be mainstream media has overlooked, the real Russian innovator, the ordinary and extraordinary citizen there.

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How Sequels & Reboots Can Help Any Business

Businesses of all sizes sometimes need a break or a gimmick to grab the attention of the right people. Well, they say nothing succeeds like success. And nowhere is this mentality more on display than in Hollywood, big or small screen. Even if a movie doesn’t “feel” right for a sequel, if it hits, you can bet someone somewhere will give a sequel a shot.

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How Office Furniture Design Leads to Better Business

If you run a business, you’re concerned with keeping your employees as focused, efficient, and productive as possible. The design of your office space can play a bigger in role in this than you may realize. Old design approaches had rows of cubicles, with workers all toiling away at their desks. When employees spend day after day in a maze of little cubicles, it’s easy to become demoralized. It also leads to wasting time looking for coworkers, trying to find a meeting room, or being distracted by the people chatting in the adjacent cubicle.

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LinkedIn Is Small Businesses’ Favorite Social Network

It might come as a surprise, but as a recent survey points out that LinkedIn is considered most beneficial by the small businesses. The survey was carried out by The Wall Street Journal and Vistage International and revealed that six in ten small-business owners think that social media is important for their business growth.

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Lady Gaga PR Model, the Ideal Online Strategy for Small Businesses

Words famous singer Lady Gaga has an effective PR and marketing team behind here. Love her or hate her, she is very good at promoting new songs, maintaing a great relationship with her raving fans and boosting her image, or more simply put – selling albums. Here are 5 important PR lessons you can learn from her and then successfully apply to your small business’ promotion plan.