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Five Awesome Marketing Agencies to Follow on Instagram

2017-06-13 by Aaron Sarno
Five Awesome Marketing Agencies to Follow on Instagram

You know you want to know what five of the most awesome PR Instagram accounts you should be watching and following! By no means does five even skim the top, but here are five we found that help stretch the imagination and show just what can be done when you’ve got “game.” In no particular order… TBWA Worldwide: @tbwa TBWA has 325 offices in 97 countries. They are marketing specialists, and they like to call their style of Instagramming – “Disruptagram.” They boast over 76,000 followers. Though most of the offices have their own separate Instagram accounts, the worldwide office... Read More >

European Commission Is Seeking A Social Media Agency

2017-06-09 by John Aldo

European Commission: United Kingdom-London is seeking a social media agency. Scope of work: Drafting and updating of an online action plan and a weekly editorial calendar The Contractor shall design and develop a detailed on-line action plan focusing on specific issues identified by the European Commission as well as a weekly editorial calendar. The Contractor shall: carry out the necessary research and analysis in order to identify specific target groups as required; define a list of issues which are of key interest to these target groups and can be addressed via social media; draft and update a detailed plan of... Read More >

Celebrity Hacker Who Stole Nudes Pleads Out

2017-05-17 by Aaron Sarno
Celebrity hacker who stole nudes pleads out

The internet is awash in both legitimate and “fake” celebrity nude photos. Some celebs “leak” these pics to grab some relevance or to help promote a new project. Others do it “just because” … but many, many celebs are embarrassed to have their privacy invaded when nudes are posted without their consent. Such is the story for superstar actress Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games and X-men fame. When her obviously private and never intended for public consumption pics hit the net, the typically outspoken star was no less verbose. She called the hack and subsequent release of the photos on... Read More >

Afghanistan Social Media RFP Issued

2017-03-27 by Jason Tannahill
Afghanistan Social Media RFP Issued

Internews invites research organizations to submit proposals for conducting a study on the usage/consumption and perceptions as well as engagement, with online and social media in Afghanistan. An award from Counterpart International Inc. funds Internews’ activities under a cooperative agreement from the US Agency for International Development (Award No. AID-306-A-14-00001). The contract issued under this RFP will fund an informative and innovative research project that is designed to improve knowledge and understanding of the role and influence of social media among Afghans citizens. Scope of Work Internews invites research organizations to submit proposals to conduct research and produce a report... Read More >

Using Customer Info to Better Market a Travel Brand

2017-03-27 by Aaron Sarno
Using Customer Info to Better Market a Travel Brand

It’s all about connection in marketing and building a brand these days. When the brand connects in personalized ways with their customers, the likelihood of repeat business with that buyer group increases by as much as 65% according to a recent Accenture newsroom survey. The trick is how to help your target customer feel that way about your product or service. We live in a Big Data world, where our preferences are logged and stored, but accessing the right information and using it effectively requires research and effort, in part because there is so much information available. For those in... Read More >

Reanimate Nonprofit Fundraising with PR

2017-03-04 by Jason Tannahill
Reanimate Nonprofit Fundraising with PR

In 2017 we’ve been living through a lot of turmoil and public crisis, from the Syrian situation, all the refugees, and fervor over undocumented aliens, to the Presidential election from hell (no matter which side you were on, it was an emotionally bloody seemingly never-ending battle). There’s been rioting and protesting in the streets almost more often than not since the election more than two months ago. Social media battles seem to be more and more heated, and honestly, a good portion of the nation just seems to want a peaceful place to land and recover. We are in a... Read More >

PR News: Mercury, Edelman, Porter Novelli & More

2017-02-27 by Jason Tannahill
Mercury Public Affairs

Mercury Gains DC Top Flyer Andrea Bozek might not be a household name, but she’s well-known to Republicans in DC. She’s the only person to ever work communications for both the House and the Senate at such a high level. In the House she was communications director for the National Republican Congressional Committee and in the Senate she oversaw the GOP’s Senate election committee. During that time she helped both the house and the senate obtain a majority. Now, she’s got a new gig back in her hometown of Buffalo, opening a new office for Mercury there and working in... Read More >

Dr. Armin Tehrany On How Doctors Are Reaching New Patients in a Digital World

2017-02-17 by Richard D. Pace
dr armin tehrany

With the future of healthcare being a hot topic of discussion, doctors are embracing the digital age and onboarding new tactics to bring in patients. Doctors Embrace the Digital Age While the importance used to lie in traditional media to highlight a doctor’s practice, patient testimonials and innovative procedures, it comes to no surprise that traditional mediums like printed press, TV and radio are being challenged by the boom of the digital realm. In a day where most patients are online, doctors are embracing the change and utilizing new techniques to make their footprint. A great example of this is... Read More >

Big Brands Mixing with Reality Television

2017-01-31 by Jason Tannahill

Reality television isn’t just tied to big brands through advertising time, but more in the way Ford Motors was tied to serial television shows in the 70’s. They are part and parcel of the programs. One of the most recent examples was on The New Celebrity Apprentice with Welch’s grape juice. The challenge was to find a way to showcase the healthy benefits that come with drinking Welch’s grape juice. The show also worked with King’s Hawaiian’s dinner rolls. Plenty of cooking shows use branded ingredients in their challenges, which is something to be expected. But over the years they’ve... Read More >

Social Media taking heat for terrorist attacks

2017-01-25 by Richard D. Pace
Social Media taking heat for terrorist attacks

Across the world, the family and friends of terror victims are still mourning the loss of loved ones stripped from the world too soon. In many of these cities – including Paris, Brussels, and across Israel and the United States – these families are looking for Someone to Blame … and they seem to have found a common enemy in social media, particularly giants like Facebook and Twitter. Multiple lawsuits in many different countries allege that social media sites allow terrorists easy access to communication and recruitment tools they would not have otherwise. These suits claim the sites have not... Read More >

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