Say Hello to Meerkat

what is meerkat

If you use your iPhone to stream live videos to Twitter and other social media platforms, you’ve probably heard of Meerkat by now. It’s a new app designed for the iPhone and iPad IOS operating systems. With Meerkat, you can instantly stream live videos and conversations directly to your Twitter followers in real time. Followers […]

Become An Authority in Your Industry with Thought Leadership

thought leadership public relations

Thought leadership has become more important to a company’s survival than ever with the proliferation of Internet-based interactions. At the executive level, thought leadership is crucial to establishing a company as an industry leader and the company’s command staff as people with new and innovative ideas. However, many CEOs ignore or disregard the importance of […]

The PR implications of ‘Beef’ in Hip Hop


The world of hip-hop stars, and rappers in particular is quite unique. This is exemplified the best when arguments and confrontations, otherwise known as “beefs”, erupt between opposing rappers on the hip-hop scene. Of course these confrontations occur on a fairly regular basis, so much so it has made some people wonder if some of […]

Will Keurig will win big this Christmas?


Recently, social media has been awash with a handful of shared blog entries with people vowing to give up their Keurig and go back to the big pot. Nobody, to date, is talking about giving up coffee altogether – perish the thought! But Jonah Engler, an avid coffee drinker says this latest social media share […]

Famous Quotes on Inspiration you May Never Had Heard


Through inspiration great success becomes obtainable. At Everything PR, we like to start each day by sharing quotes to help inspire one another throughout the work day. Put together by our staff, here are some great quotes on Inspiration by people such as Richard Branson, Dr. Gil Lederman, John Quincy Adams, and several others. “Inspiration […]

PR Elite Award Standout Categories

PR News

Another year is winding down and the PR News Agency has dispensed another set of Elite Awards to firms in twenty-nine categories. Every agency and firm nominated for a 2014 Elite Award showed outstanding innovation and client satisfaction and the winner of each category truly had a great year. However, winners in three categories deserve […]

A PR Pro’s Guide to Newsjacking

People see articles everywhere with titles such as five marketing lessons from the Asian games or four things eBay’s billion dollar payday can do to inspire B2B marketers. Uniquely crafted takes on a current event attract a reader to visit a company’s website to read more. These articles and others like them are part of […]