Twitter Laying off 8% of Workforce & Wrongly Informs Staff Via Tweet

2015-10-15 by Ronn Torossian
twitter layoff

Here’s a case of bad decisions becoming a public relations problem for Twitter.  The fast-growing technology company decided to make layoffs – which is a fact of life in business – yet the way they notified – or rather, did not notify – those being laid off was handled terribly. He tweeted they were being fired – with a link to a letter, and noted “We are doing this with the utmost respect for each and every person. Twitter will go to great lengths to take care of each individual by providing generous exit packages and help finding a new job.”... Read More >

How to Attract Thousands of Twitter Followers

2015-08-17 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

There are a lot of ideas out there being shared on how to make your Twitter account blast off.  Here are a few we thought are un-conventional, yet worth sharing: 1. Hashtags. Nope, we’re not talking about the traditional use of hashtags on your posts. Use them as a search vehicle to find people interested in the same things you are. People who have used a hashtag that would appeal to your target customer. Then start following them. Don’t worry so much about checking each account out. Follow about 50-100 per day for the next month. Maybe search four different... Read More >

The Fine Line Between Conversation and Being Annoying on Social Media

2015-06-18 by EPR Staff
annoying social media

There are times when it is best to just stop typing on social media – at least for an hour or two. You might have had one of those nose to the grindstone kind of weeks when you haven’t had much social interaction in any form for days. So you arrive home in time to be able to slip onto Facebook and scour what has been happening in the lives of your friends and family. Over the next hour, you frantically type your fingers almost down to nubs. You revel in the complete freedom of expression and love that you... Read More >

Say Hello to Meerkat

2015-03-24 by EPR Staff
what is meerkat

If you use your iPhone to stream live videos to Twitter and other social media platforms, you've probably heard of Meerkat by now. It's a new app designed for the iPhone and iPad IOS operating systems. With Meerkat, you can instantly stream live videos and conversations directly to your Twitter followers in real time. Followers you send your videos to are notified through the use of push notifications. They can then view your videos and stream them to their followers in real time as well. Pros & Cons Although Meerkat gives you the ability to instantly stream videos to Twitter,... Read More >

Become An Authority in Your Industry with Thought Leadership

2015-03-16 by EPR Staff
thought leadership public relations

Thought leadership has become more important to a company's survival than ever with the proliferation of Internet-based interactions. At the executive level, thought leadership is crucial to establishing a company as an industry leader and the company's command staff as people with new and innovative ideas. However, many CEOs ignore or disregard the importance of setting oneself up as a thought leader in a given industry, resulting in less public confidence and fewer contracts, hence lower earnings. Establishing your credentials as a thought leader is relatively simple, while failing to do so may cost your company millions of dollars. Why... Read More >

The PR implications of ‘Beef’ in Hip Hop

2014-12-11 by EPR Staff

The world of hip-hop stars, and rappers in particular is quite unique. This is exemplified the best when arguments and confrontations, otherwise known as "beefs", erupt between opposing rappers on the hip-hop scene. Of course these confrontations occur on a fairly regular basis, so much so it has made some people wonder if some of them were planned for public relations purposes. Regardless of whether or not some these beefs were contrived, the corollary effect on each artists popularity cannot be denied. One need only look on social media and see that the twitter sphere has been talking non-stop about... Read More >

Will Keurig will win big this Christmas?

2014-12-08 by EPR Staff

Recently, social media has been awash with a handful of shared blog entries with people vowing to give up their Keurig and go back to the big pot. Nobody, to date, is talking about giving up coffee altogether – perish the thought! But Jonah Engler, an avid coffee drinker says this latest social media share fad is nothing but momentary false insight. All the market indicators say Keurig is poised to win big this holiday season … as long as they don’t overreact to this inconvenient blip and make it bigger than it has any right to be. According to... Read More >

Famous Quotes on Inspiration you May Never Had Heard

2014-11-25 by EPR Staff

Through inspiration great success becomes obtainable. At Everything PR, we like to start each day by sharing quotes to help inspire one another throughout the work day. Put together by our staff, here are some great quotes on Inspiration by people such as Richard Branson, Dr. Gil Lederman, John Quincy Adams, and several others. “Inspiration comes in so many different sizes & shapes – day by day, hour by hour.” Roman Temkin DDS "I'm inspired as soon as I step foot on the ground in the morning." Entrepreneur Christopher Burch “The way to stay inspired and motivated is by doing what... Read More >

PR Elite Award Standout Categories

2014-10-17 by EPR Staff
PR News

Another year is winding down and the PR News Agency has dispensed another set of Elite Awards to firms in twenty-nine categories. Every agency and firm nominated for a 2014 Elite Award showed outstanding innovation and client satisfaction and the winner of each category truly had a great year. However, winners in three categories deserve special mention for their hard work and fresh approach to PR. In the category of Marketing to Women, the clear winner was 5W Public Relations. 5W took on client Rowenda Beauty, who was making a push finto the North American market. 5W developed a unique... Read More >

Networking in Public Relations: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

2014-10-03 by EPR Staff
networking in public relations

In today's world, success in business is not measured in the amount you spend on marketing, but on the number of relationships you have established. Throwing millions of dollars at ad agencies won't make you a leader in the industry – but spending time creating and nurturing relationships with others will. There are a few ways to approach networking effectively, and each offers certain advantages over the others.  In-Person networking Attending networking events in your town or city is a great way to meet others in your industry who are working in the same field. It's easier to establish a... Read More >

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