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Draw Something Becomes Most Played Game App

Draw Something by game developer OMGPOP is a pictionary-for-smartphones gaming app that came in free or paid ad-free editions that had been downloaded more than 1.2 million times in the first ten days, and reached a total 20 million downloads and generated 6 figures per day after five weeks.

Zynga Can't Dance at Market 0

Zynga Can’t Dance at Market

There’s not much worse where PR goes than falling on your face at a debutante dance. Well, online gaming company Zynga’s IPO dance started off like the Oscars, but ended up with the new multi-billion dollar offering trading well below it’s $10 starting price.

Slavery: The Game 0

Slavery: The Game, a Hoax That Hurts

A trailer recently emerged on YouTube that promises the release of a new game called “Slavery: The Game.” In it, the gamer plays a slave trader who buys, exploits, and even “disciplines” slaves, all...