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San Diego State University to Raise $1.5 Million For PR Center

San Diego State University is organizing a fund raising campaign aiming to get $1.5 million for a public relations center honoring a retired professor contribution to the PR field. The Glen M. Broom Center for Professional Development in Public Relations is designed as part of San Diego State’s School of Journalism & Media Studies, where Broom is a professor emeritus.

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The Capstone Agency Tells Students about Real-World PR

It is important for any student, in any field, to have access, as much as possible, to information regarding the real conditions and challenges that await them on the job after college. A public relations firm at The University of Alabama educates students and faculty at two national conferences this semester about running communication campaigns. The Capstone Agency is a multi-awarded agency that works with important clients.

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UCLA Weekend University With Dmitry Shapiro

This weekend people interested in taking their Internet and PC skills to the next level will have a rare opportunity. Dmitry Shapiro, one of Web 2.0’s most successful Internet entrepreneurs will host an all day seminar. The session will help any web user fast track their skills far more effectively than the hundreds of hours “self teaching” or other methods might afford them.