Goldman Sachs’ PR Blunders Continue

2010-09-17 by Richard D. Pace

Goldman Sachs is being sued by three former employees claiming the investment bank systematically discriminates against women, paying them less then men, promoting them less often and even not taking a strong stand against sexual harassment. This new wave of bad publicity comes after a prior series of PR blunders Goldman Sachs has experienced.

Goldman Sachs Hires PR Exec David Wells

2010-06-09 by Archie Obrien

David Wells will join Goldman Sachs as a managing director, after leaving his position as head of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.’s (JPM) press office for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Goldman Sachs PR: How GS Hurts You

2010-05-23 by Aaron Sarno

An in-depth Goldman Sachs analysis, by’s market analyst Joel Anderson.

Goldman’s Facebook Valuation Challenged by Semantic Technology

2011-01-25 by Richard D. Pace

Goldman Sachs and other investors want you to believe Facebook is valued at $50 billion. But somehow the numbers and the news just don’t add up. Scientists at hakia launched a stock analysis tool two weeks ago called SENSEnews which indicates Facebook’s value at only $14 billion. Or about the same earnings to value ration as Microsoft and other successful companies. Why does Goldman want you to believe the $50 billion number? That should be painfully obvious by now.

The Aftermath of Communications and PR

2021-07-21 by JamesD

According to recent research from the Copenhagen Business School, a company’s value and reputation can be severely damaged by any workplace misconduct allegations, specifically sexual harassment. There are serious consequences for sexual harassment victims, but also for business owners, investors, and managers as well, because these types of situations can quickly decrease a company’s market […]

Crisis Communications PR: Who are the Top American Crisis Public Relations Firms

2020-10-29 by Jason Tannahill

The best time to start a PR campaign is before trouble rears its head. Unfortunately, when a crisis arises, damage control in real-time is virtually impossible. Of course, big crisis can be handled professionally, and the firms below have developed a reputation for doing the impossible when it comes to crisis PR. Sitrick And Company […]

Global PR News From Prosek Partners, KCSA Communications And More…

2019-05-03 by Jim Crickell

Prosek Partners has partnered with financial communications veteran David Wells. Wells led communications for some of the United State’s largest banks for over eight years at Goldman Sachs. He most recently served as their chief marketing and communications officer for the consumer and investment management division. Wells was a journalist prior to entering the financial […]

Statement from Petra Nemcova and Alejandro Grimaldi

2018-12-30 by Jim Crickell

Petra Nemcova and Fiance Alejandro Grimaldi, Director/Senior Advisor for several PE groups, real estate investor and former Citigroup and Goldman Sachs Banker have called off their engagement. The couple lived together between the properties owned by Mr. Grimaldi for just under 2 years and became engaged in St. Tropez in June 2017.  The sad news […]

International Day of Girls: A Marketing Perspective

2018-10-25 by JamesD

There’s no better day to reflect on the triumphs of women generally, and more specifically in the marketing community, than the International Day of Girls. In 2012, the UN declared October 11 as the day we shine a light on gender equality. While we still have a long way to go, let’s celebrate the meaningful […]

Jason Binn: The Business Acumen And King Of Relationships

2018-05-25 by Richard D. Pace

Jason Binn, the founder of several luxury magazines, is widely regarded as a publishing guru and is truly the king of high level relationships.  He’s smart, well networked and an entrepreneurial genius. Naturally, Binn is the recipient of various awards, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Reports show his publications earned millions in […]

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