Amazing Chicken Clucking Hits of the 80s

2013-10-04 by Aaron Sarno
amazing chicken

OK, these are just ads by Foster Farms, but creative and fun, with good chances of becoming YouTube phenomenons. The creative below is accompanied by a funny introduction: the sound of these chickens is as off the charts as the original recording. Seriously, this song hasn't been on a chart since the Amazing Chickens were eggs. Family owned and operated Foster Farms is the only major cooked chicken brand in the US to offer chicken frozen cooked products that contain exclusively all natural ingredients. The video advertorials are a way of reminding customers that Foster Farms products are 100% natural,... Read More >

How to Refine Ad Strategies on YouTube with Gamers’ Insights

2013-07-03 by Archie Obrien

  Google Think Insights released a 8 page whitepaper, Gamers On YouTube: Evolving Video Consumption, which offers valuable intel and insight on gamers. The company revealed that 95% of gamers turn to online video on YouTube for entertainment and information, and learning their habits could be a great way to refine advertising strategies on the video sharing network. The paper, authored by James Getomer, Michael Okimoto, and Brad Johnsmeyer, analyzed anonymized views of gaming content on YouTube in the U.S.. The results revealed general and particular aspects on how gamers behave, and what they value, offering important intel for marketers... Read More >

NetBase’s Digital Channel Intelligence Offers Relevant Social Media Metrics

2012-10-31 by Almaz

Marketers should go beyond likes and shares or retweets/repins as main criteria in measuring social media ROI. In order to provide content that is indeed relevant to fans and followers, marketers need to have access to relevant metrics that offer comprehensive real-time insights on conversations about their brands and products across different social media networks. The newly launched Digital Channel Intelligence (DCI) solution from NetBase provides such valuable information in real time from several social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others. The social media metrics offered include insights on community growth, amplification and conversion rates, but marketers... Read More >

BBC Launches iPlayer Radio For Original Channels

2012-10-08 by Almaz
bbc logo

The BBC has just taken an important step in the digitally oriented environment of today’s media consumption by launching a standalone mobile web and desktop app, the iPlayer Radio, after a three-month beta testing period. With this new app you can browse through available radio stations. Using the Alarm Clock feature you can set a time to launch a station, and you can use the iPlayer Radio to access archived content. “Strategically, there is an obvious overlap and potential connection with music providers,” stated Daniel Danker, GM, programmes and on-demand for the BBC. “There isn’t anything tangible right now, but... Read More >

YouTube Launches Original Channels in France, Germany and the UK

2012-10-08 by Aaron Sarno
youtube logo

A year ago, YouTube launched original channels, trying to draw more people to this website to watch interesting content. Now, as the existing ones have a huge success, YouTube brings original channels to France, Germany and the UK. You can have a look at what they have prepared here. “From local cuisine, health and wellness and parenting to sports, music, comedy, animation and news, this new lineup of original channels will have something for everyone” said Robert Kyncl, VP, Global Head of Content. “They are backed by some of the biggest producers, well-known celebrities and emerging media companies from Europe... Read More >

6 Examples of How Businesses Can Use YouTube Channels

2012-07-19 by Almaz
youtube logo

YouTube has become a content powerhouse. The number one place for both professional and amateur videos, whole careers have been launched on that site. Not to mention the often utilized marketing potential taken by businesses all over the world. Just the ability to generate a viral video has more benefits these days than a dozen television commercials. Some companies do a better job of taking advantage of their YouTube accounts than others. Here are six examples of businesses that have done it right. 1. Cisco Networking giant Cisco is one of the biggest names in the technology world. So it... Read More >

Google Blocks YouTube-MP3 Conversion Site

2012-06-22 by Aaron Sarno

Google recently sent a threatening letter to a website that allows users to download and convert YouTube music videos into MP3s. According to CNET, received a letter from Google stating that it was in violation of YouTube's terms of service. Google has also decided to block from accessing its servers. Google has been under pressure from record companies to crack down on copyright violations of their music, and Google has spent a tremendous amount of money licensing songs so that YouTube users can freely use them in their videos. The Recording Industry Assocation of America (RIAA) has been... Read More >

How to Market Your Business with Video

2011-05-19 by Aaron Sarno
using video for your brand everything-pr

There is no denying the power of online video for your brand. This media format engages the average consumer and enthralls the savvy marketer. It is one of the fastest growing marketing methods in the world and shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. Online Video Statistics According to comScore Inc, a well-known organization that measures the digital market, 83.5 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video in March. Video sessions, which lasted an average of 15 hours per person throughout the month, included entertainments clips, news reports, personal videos, and advertisements. The bulk of the video viewing... Read More >

YouTube Ready to Spend $100 Million on Original Content

2011-04-07 by Aaron Sarno

It has the familiar video player interface, the infrastructure, the millions of loyal viewers, and the willing and ready advertisers, but in terms of original studio-produced content, YouTube lags behind Hulu, Netflix, and other TV and movie streaming websites.  Google wants to change that and is prepared to whip out $100 million to entice someone to start producing original content that will be competitive with the big networks. We knew the days of YouTube being only a medium for dancing cats and talking babies was long gone, but with this shift, it seems Google finally means business when it comes... Read More >

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