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Felix Sater Statement

According to Wikipedia, Felix Sater is a Russia-born American real estate developer and former managing director of Bayrock Group LLC, a real estate conglomerate based out of New York City, New York. Sater has been an advisor to many corporations, including The Trump Organization. He has been featured extensively in the media. The following article appeared today in Buzzfeed: Highlights […]

Can You Use a Natural Disaster to Market Your Cause?

Can you Use a Natural Disaster to Market Your Cause?

Over the first half of December, the news in the western US was covered in ash, smoke, and wildfires – about five big ones going in California. Frequent one-minute blurbs burst into television time, and the nightly reports, even outside of California shared stories, including firefighters joining the battle from surrounding states at least two or […]

Home Depot CFO takes a stand for women in business

Home Depot CFO takes a stand for women in business

At the recent “Women Who Mean Business Awards” conference held in Atlanta, Home Depot CFO Carol Tome was given a Lifetime Achievement Award. This was a significant achievement, even at an event that celebrated trailblazing women who “make an indelible mark” on the Atlanta business community. Support from Other Women Hundreds of women turned up […]

O’Reilly set to sit down with CNN

Six months ago, Bill O’Reilly was riding high. One of his top competitors at the network he helped put on the map, Megyn Kelly had jumped ship for two shows on a rival network. He was positioning his brand as the undisputed top dog at the network. Then, in about a week, it all came […]

Stars step up for Harvey relief

celebrity hurricane harvey reliefg

When tragedy strikes, Americans know how to come together. From endless lines of supply trucks and Red Cross buses full of volunteers to the “Cajun Navy” and tireless first responders, Americans have descended on southeast Texas to help those in need after Hurricane Harvey. Hollywood has shown up too. In most cases, stars have come […]

Cumberland County College seeks ad agency

cumberland community college

Purpose / Background: Cumberland County College is a community college operating in the State of New Jersey. The Awarded Agency must demonstrate an ability to fulfill the College’s expectations in the following areas in a cost-effective and timely manner: 1.​The Agency will position Cumberland County College in a distinctive, well-defined way in the minds of […]

Anthony Scaramucci: Doing A Great Job For POTUS

Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci recently started his new job as communications director for the Donald J. Trump presidency. His history is not dissimilar to President Trump, as he’s also a New York tycoon. He’s also a bit rough and tumble while dealing with the press and media. While he has received criticism, what could be more perfect […]

PR News From Omnicom, MWW PR, Sard Verbinnen & Weber Shandwick

Kelley Skolada Left Ketchum to Launch KS Consultancy & Capital KS Consultancy and Capital will work primarily with women … that is finding angel investors for female entrepreneurs, brands focused on female consumers, and opening up various boards of directors to a more feminine perspective. The new office will open in August, and she’s giving […]

GOP Senators faced with a tough sell on healthcare

gop senators faced with tough sell on healthcare

The nonpartisan Congressional budget office delivered the bad news for the GOP in the Senate. Their health care bill, meant to replace Obamacare, would, reportedly, move 22 million away from health coverage in the next several years. Regardless of how the vote goes, this number is certain to have political public relations consequences. Representatives, especially […]