2022-03-14 by EPR Staff
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The Office seeks written proposals from qualified Respondents in accordance with the specifications contained in this RFP for Tourism Public Relations and Marketing Services in the Target Markets.  Respondents must demonstrate the ability to perform the services specified in this RFP and shall fully understand the Travel Texas program, organization, mission, and targeted audience. Respondents are encouraged to review the information located at and Background Tourism benefits Texans. Travel and tourism continue to be one of the largest industries in the state; for example, in 2019, total direct travel spending was $83 billion and travel expenditures generated a... Read More >

On-Page SEO Strategies to Avoid

2022-03-09 by EPR Staff
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There are plenty of things that companies can do that can directly benefit their rankings on search engine results pages. Between using the right keywords, adding alt text to images, using different types of content, and using the right website structure, there are plenty of strategies that can improve SEO efforts. However, there are certain strategies that can plummet the ranking of a website, and that plenty of businesses are still using yet should be avoiding.  Content Types If there are any pieces of content that are similar to others in a different location, or an exact match to them... Read More >

Brands Utilizing Digital Channels During the Super Bowl

2022-02-22 by Ronn Torossian
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For a long time companies used various initiatives surrounding the Super Bowl to promote themselves, given that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest annual marketing events. Plenty of big brands and corporations commit large budgets to create and air their ads during the biggest game of the season, such as the ones in the examples below. However, even if a company doesn't invest a big budget into an ad during that period, it's still able to use this event to generate more attention from consumers, and achieve other marketing goals. During the first half of the Super... Read More >

B2B web personalizing elements

2022-02-21 by EPR Staff
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Website personalization is a marketing strategy that delivers personalized experiences for website visitors. Rather than having one website or landing page, a business creates custom pages for different segments of its audience, based on industry, location, or content customers read on the website of the business. Given below are strategies and tools that data-driven teams use to drive real-time web personalization for B2B. Build buyer personas In order to implement website personalization effectively, it is important for a business to learn everything about its target audience. Buyer or audience personas can be built by researching, surveying, and interviewing past, current,... Read More >

Marketing tips for personal stylists

2022-02-15 by EPR Staff

Whether a personal stylist seeks to attract new customers or build their existing client base, there are myriad options to reach out to potential clients. For people who prefer to shop from their couch, personal stylists are a big help. A stylist should be as creative with their marketing strategies as they try to be with their styling. Given below are some marketing strategies that a stylist can implement in order to make an impact when it comes to improving their business performance. Website - Everyone can benefit from taking ownership of the way they present themselves digitally to customers, and... Read More >

Top professional networking platforms

2022-02-11 by EPR Staff

Business networking involves building a mutually beneficial relationship with other professionals and potential clients. Among the potential gains to be made from networking, sharing of knowledge is the most beneficial.  Business networking is important to boosting business sales. Given below are some professional social media platforms that help people connect with industry decision-makers, and help them keep up with events and news that they care about. 1) Meetup - Meetup notifies users of any local meetups that they might be interested in, as they are created. Users can specify meetings that they are interested in by topics, location, and date. If there... Read More >

Marketing for pet products

2022-02-08 by EPR Staff
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With an increase in animal ownership, more people are looking to buy food and toys for their pets. The increase in pet product buying has also resulted in more consumers moving online to purchase items for their pets. There are some proven marketing strategies that can be used to reach more pet owners, and to sell more pet products and services. Given below are five ways to effectively market pet products. 1) Identify the target audience - It is important to understand audiences deeply, including what motivates them and what levels of disposable income they have. This knowledge should influence every marketing... Read More >

The Importance of High-Quality Data in Marketing Campaigns

2022-02-07 by EPR Staff
Tricks for Launching Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Successful marketing campaigns are defined by high-quality data that are already available to companies. That data is what helps companies evaluate their market position, learn about the target audience and trends, build effective strategies, and drive growth. It also helps them identify any potential opportunities for growth, or any possible risks. However, if the data that’s being used to inform marketing campaigns is wrong in any way, companies will make bad decisions that result in bad targeting, high costs, and unhappy customers. None of those things are able to drive growth for companies, and even technologies such as machine learning... Read More >

Marketing to tweens

2022-02-01 by EPR Staff

Today’s tweens live in a media-rich environment, and are used to more types of media than ever before. They grow up with the internet, and can access information as fast and as easily as their curiosity demands. Nowadays, tweens are obsessive about sharing information on social media. They are as interested in discovering information as they are in sharing it. When it comes to tweens, there are two consumers to appeal to: the child and the parent. When marketing to tweens, the following must be considered. 1) Create engaging videos - Content marketing to tweens through YouTube videos is one of the... Read More >

Google Discovery Ads Campaign

2022-02-01 by EPR Staff
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Whenever a company decides to create an advertising campaign, it should also define the goals of the campaign . Certain campaigns might be created to increase website traffic, while others might be intended to raise brand awareness.  There are also advertising campaigns that are specifically designed  to reach audiences that have been primed to convert, and that’s precisely where Google’s Discovery Ads can help. Google’s Discovery ads are personalized and visually engaging ads that appear in Google feeds on the search engine’s app, YouTube, and Gmail. The goal of these ads is to reach target audiences when they’re ready to... Read More >

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