Inclusive advertising

2021-07-14 by JamesD

To avoid appearing desensitised , common human values, irrespective of age, gender and ethnicity should be amplified in marketing. It is a strategy which guarantees that products and services will be used by more people. It expands the customer base and also helps in creating a positive brand identity. A brand that incorporates diversity becomes associated with sensitivity, insight and quality. 1) Audience research- Collective cultural intelligence in a business will be enhanced if adequate research is done on the customer base it wishes to serve. This entails developing a degree of intimacy with  potential customers by taking their perspectives and plights... Read More >

The importance of complaining customers to marketers

2021-07-05 by Ronn Torossian

According to marketing expert Theodore Levitt, “ One of the surest signs of a bad or declining relationship is the absence of complaints from the client. The client is either not being candid or not being contacted. Probably both. The absence of candor reflects the decline of trust, the deterioration of the relationship.” Complaints can be transformed into opportunities for a business to grow. Complaints can be difficult to handle at times, but complaining customers can be valuable for the growth of a business. Given below are the ways customer complaints can benefit a business. 1) Identifying areas for improvement... Read More >

Implementation and Evaluation of a Social Marketing Campaign

2021-07-03 by JamesD
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The Maryland Department of Health (MDH or the Department), Center for Injury and Violence Prevention (CIVP), is issuing this solicitation to support the implementation and evaluation of a social marketing campaign on the intersections of DV and HIV, targeting the African-born population of two Capital Region counties of Maryland: Montgomery and Prince George’s. The Contractor will conduct formative research to identify effective strategies for broad-based implementation of evidence-based interventions to educate the target population on DV and HIV and how they intersect. The results of the formative research must lead to a greater understanding of the beliefs and attitudes that... Read More >


2021-06-29 by JamesD
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The Library Shop operates under the Retail Section of the Library’s Office of Business Enterprises. The Library of Congress Shop supports the Library’s mission through the development and sales of products based on the Library’s collections, exhibitions and architecture. The Library Shop features custom and general gifts and souvenirs. Many items are exclusive reproductions and adaptations fr om our rich collections. In developing products, the Shop staff work closely with curatorial staff to refine concepts for accuracy. Items are created in support of exhibits and are representative of our vast collections. The Retail Section plans on using a digital first... Read More >

Basics of Website Backlinks

2021-06-28 by Jade Minh
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how to create backlinks 900x493 1 When it comes to website SEO, aside from keywords, one of the most important factors is high-quality backlinks. When indexing and crawling websites, search engines look for relevant keywords within a web page, and look for backlinks within the website in order to understand how it’s connected to other websites. However, it’s not always easy for companies to put high-quality and relevant backlinks on their business websites. Additionally, the amount of website traffic is often directly related to the amount and the quality of a given website’s backlinks. Fortunately, with a bit of hard... Read More >

Using Instagram to build a brand

2021-06-28 by Ronn Torossian
3 Fantastic Examples of Instagram Contests That Fuel Marketing Goals

There’s no sign of Instagram slowing down anytime soon. Instagram is not just about choosing filters to transform images and sharing them with others. Studies have shown that on Instagram, users are more likely to be shoppers than on any other social networks. There are nearly one billion active users on Instagram, and its brand engagement rate is the highest of any social media platform.  90 % of users follow at least one brand on Instagram in order to get perks and giveaways. How and why this hub of business activity is effective is given below. 1) Content optimization -  just any content will... Read More >

The Dos and Don’ts to Writing an Effective Lede

2021-06-25 by JamesD

Most public relations professionals are already familiar with the fact that they have to create attention-grabbing stories to get any sort of media coverage. However, the first sentences of the story are the most important aspect when creating one. These first couple of sentences are where all of the facts are stated, the mood is set for the rest of the story, and they are the best way to grab the readers’ attention. When done right, PR professionals are able to capture the entire gist of the story and explain to the reader why that story matters, in just a... Read More >

Practical Advice for Winning Marketing Strategies

2021-06-22 by JamesD

The last year has been a difficult time for everyone around the world, and there still isn’t a set timeframe outlining when things will go back to normal. Fortunately there is still some good news in sight.  That news is that companies with actionable marketing plans that have clearly defined goals are going to be a lot more successful in the coming months compared to those that don’t. Plenty of companies have learned in the past 12 months that eliminating marketing campaigns during a global crisis means their cost of marketing efforts will increase when resumed. Not utilizing marketing during... Read More >

Small Business Marketing Tips

2021-06-17 by Jade Minh

Small business owners don’t have to worry about waiting to create a large enough budget to be able to create marketing campaigns. In fact, before small businesses spend a single cent on marketing, business owners should consider learning several marketing tips that are specifically beneficial for small businesses. Website Optimization One of the best, as well as easiest things for small businesses to do, is to make sure their websites are keeping up with all the basic SEO rules. There’s no need to hire an SEO expert from the very beginning that will create a website that has all the... Read More >


2021-06-15 by Julio Juarez

The purpose of this RFP is to invite Respondents to submit their Proposal for delivering brand and marketing strategy services. WorkSafeBC is an independent statutory agency that serves nearly 2.3 million workers and about 200,000 employers throughout British Columbia. It is funded through insurance premiums paid by registered employers and through investment returns. The Act empowers WorkSafeBC to enforce occupational health and safety standards, provide legislated compensation and rehabilitation benefts to injured workers or their dependents, and collect funds from businesses to operate the workers’ compensation system. Please refer to WorkSafeBC’s website at for additional information regarding WorkSafeBC. WorkSafeBC is seeking... Read More >

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