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Government’s PR and Advertising Budget: Prime Example of Bureaucratic Problems

2015-11-04 by EPR Staff
US government spending

The US government’s advertising budget has come under scrutiny recently. While rough numbers can be extrapolated, it is difficult to determine how much is actually being spent on PR. Excessive government spending has always been a concern, and as the U.S. recovers from the worst recession since the Great Depression, ways to cut back Federal and State spending are increasingly interesting to the public. However, to know how much can be cut back, a clearer understanding of what is spent and why must be determined.   Why does the Government need PR? For some, the idea of the government hiring... Read More >

Top 3 Athletes That Understand Public Relations

2015-11-02 by EPR Staff
Michael Jordan PR

PR is important to athletes because being an athlete validates celebrity reputation. In the industry of celebrity PR, reputation is everything. Given the risks of injury, and the money that can be made from endorsement deals, managing an athlete’s reputation properly is critical. The following athletes deserve recognition for their excellent manners with PR & reputation. Roger Federer The oldest player in the ATP, Roger Federer is a dynamo of endorsement deals, earning over 58 million dollars in 2015 alone. Federer is one of the world’s highest paid athletes, and he took great advantage of that fact when in 2013... Read More >

Sex PR: Brothels, Strip Clubs & Public Relations Campaigns

2015-10-30 by EPR Staff

With Lamar Odom being found in a brothel, the business of sex is once again in the headlines. Sex sells, but selling sex can be dicey However as a $6 billion industry with high demand and steady growth, it’s a risk many business owners willingly take. Amongst the pitfalls are many legal obstacles, but the most expensive of all can be failing to manage a club’s public perception. Strip clubs make the money they do, not only because what they offer sells itself, but also because of the high-rollers they attract. As Mike Paul of the New York-based reputation management... Read More >

Fast-Growing Healthcare Technology Company MD Insider Taps 5WPR

2015-10-23 by EPR Staff
MDInsider Public Relations

MD Insider, a fast-growing big-data healthcare platform that significantly reduces healthcare costs for employers and sets a new standard for transparency in physician performance has named New York based 5WPR as their PR firm of record. Earlier this year the company closed a $9.5 million investment from investors including leading hedge-fund activist investors Jason Ader & Bill Ackman. MD Insider offers the most comprehensive data set and most advanced data science to empower consumers with the information they need to make the best, most informed decisions possible when selecting their doctors. 5WPR will implement a comprehensive public relations campaign focused... Read More >

New Mexico PR: Water Conservation PR Campaign To Be Launched By Sante Fe, New Mexico

2015-10-20 by EPR Staff
Water Conservation Santa Fe

The city of Sante Fe, New Mexico is seeking a PR Agency for a water resources and conservation PR campaign, to develop and implement a communications program that will address different audiences based on specific and general data-driven targets.  Selected firm will provide assistance through marketing, education, and outreach promoting water conservation efficiencies and incentives to customers; and water resource-related issues. Strategic messaging will be integral to these efforts. The tasks include: Orientation and Briefing Regarding Implementation of Strategic Marketing Plan Consult with city staff to receive a briefing regarding the current situation, desired outcomes, and scope of work. Review... Read More >

Big Bucks spent by Arabic Countries Promoting Tourism and Lobbying

2015-09-08 by EPR Staff
Lobbying Firms

Get ready to start seeing tourism ads about Egypt in the coming months. The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism just signed a three-year deal with New York-based PR firm, J. Walter Thompson Co. (JWT) for $68 million – it’s a great investment considering Egypt hopes to see about $9 billion income from tourism this year. With the help of JWT, there will be a strong PR push during November and December in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and South American countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Chile. One focus of the tourism campaigns will be to stress the difference between the... Read More >

The Best Sports Public Relations Campaigns We Have Seen

2015-09-04 by EPR Staff
sports pr everything-pr

Here are some of the best sports PR campaigns we have seen: Peyton Manning’s Priceless Commercials "Priceless” is MasterCard’s slogan and their commercial series for roughly 15 years. They’ve had great success with it, and can apply the concept in unlimited situations. So when MasterCard put Peyton Manning as a new face for their “priceless” campaign it was. …well, priceless. You can’t help but see the pricelessness of famous professional athletes, which are considered big, tough guys, all doing activities like bonding while having walks on the beach. The punchline in Payton’s ad centered on all those joining him trying... Read More >

American State Department Finance PR Campaign For Indian LGBT Community

2015-08-27 by EPR Staff
Indian LGBT Community 2

The U.S. State Department has issued an RFP to raise awareness of gay rights in India, according to a recent Request for Proposal (RFP) issued by the Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. The document describes how America seeks a “support network” be created in India to “provide technical and technological support for the development of a nationwide network focused on supporting the LGBT community. A national mechanism will support organizations from different parts of the country in working together on access issues related to education, employment, or health care.” The specific public relations assignment includes... Read More >

Small New York PR Company CEO Profiles

2015-08-21 by EPR Staff
PR Firm Rankings - 5WPR NY

Steven Hall is a founding partner and managing director of Steven Hall & Partners (SH&P). Hall has 35 plus years of experience and expertise in advising upper echelon corporate managers on the best strategies for the planning and implementation of senior executive compensation programs and incentive packages. Hall’s expertise gives the firm an overall independent perspective, giving it the edge as one of the most influential agencies in corporate governance and the boardroom. Since its establishment in 2005, SH&P has become a nationally recognized firm in the industry having locations in New York City and Palo Alto, California. The agency... Read More >

PR Parents Just Don’t Understand: 72% of Public Relations Pro’s Don’t “Get” PR

2015-08-20 by EPR Staff
What is PR

Survey: 72% of Parents Of PR Pros Don’t Understand What Their Kids Do & 41% Of Spouses Of Those Who Work In PR Don’t Get It! Does your family understand what PR means or what PR people do? If they don’t, you shouldn’t feel too bad. A recent survey of 1000 PR pros found 72% of them say their parents don’t understand what PR is, and another 41% say their spouses don’t know either. Some of the professional's we spoke with said their parents thought that PR meant advertising or marketing, and had no idea that their children weren't "working... Read More >

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