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Brian Williams gets a “Crash” Course in PR

2015-02-09 by Ronn Torossian
brian williams public relations

Unless you never listen to the news and avoid social media like telemarketers, then you know veteran news anchor Brian Williams got himself in a bit of a bind recently. After telling a story, on the air, about being rescued after his helicopter was shot down in Iraq, Williams was outed by, among others the guys who were tasked with providing his escort in the war zone. After getting called out about the false nature of his story, Williams more or less apologized during his nightly news program, but that half-hearted politician’s apology only made it worse. Here’s what he... Read More >

The Marshawn Lynch Conundrum

2015-02-02 by Ronn Torossian
The Marshawn Lynch Conundrum

5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian discusses the 'Marshawn Lynch Conundrum', one day removed from the Super Bowl and official end of the NFL Season. Last week, in advance of Super Bowl Sunday, Seahawks' running back Marshawn Lynch was up to his old tricks. He is constantly and persistently doing whatever he can to avoid talking to the media. Any media at all. The NFL took action by fining Lynch $50,000 last year and later imposed a second $50,000, letting it be known his antics wouldn’t be tolerated. Except Lynch seems to have found a loophole and he’s running with it. He is... Read More >

Hitler Used Carl Byoir & Associates An American PR Firm

2014-12-12 by EPR Staff
ronn torossian on ny observer today

- Hitler Used Carl Byoir & Associates, An American PR Firm: Everything PR Exclusive Book Excerpt - Ronn Torossian of 5WPR in The Observer today wrote an article entitled “Hitler’s Nazi Germany Used an American PR Agency which describes a new book by Larry Roth, entitled “The Nazi Account”. 1st time author Roth worked in public relations for thirty years, and recently won the third place Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for 2014. Roth’s book reveals that Carl Byoir & Associates worked for Nazi Germany commencing in 1933. As follows is an exclusive book excerpt from The Nazi Account: Harry took a... Read More >

Walmart, Wages, and the War for Public Perception

2014-12-02 by Ronn Torossian

The larger you are, the more public you serve. The more public you serve, the more vital your PR presence. Given that dynamic, Ronn Torossian says it’s no wonder Walmart’s PR team is overtaxed 24-7. But even for a company always in the crosshairs of public debate, holiday shopping season presents a greater opportunity for PR gain – for both the brand and its detractors. Because of this, a new holiday tradition has been established. And we’re not talking about Black Friday stampedes. In recent years, on the busiest shopping day of the entire year, retail workers and minimum wage... Read More >

Is Anyone Listening Anymore?

2014-11-24 by Ronn Torossian

In “Giving”, President Bill Clinton’s book, he writes of an African tribe he encountered that had a unique way of greeting each other. When someone says, “Hello,” the other person responds with, “I see you.”  In today’s ADD-driven generation, when we are constantly distracted with handheld devices, the very art of listening is something which is a minute by minute struggle. Spent the day today alone with my daughter, and we agreed electronic devices would not be touched all day. No ipad for the car, no facetime – just bonding time. And from breakfast, to the library, to a long... Read More >

The Future of the Wearable Technology Industry

2014-11-18 by Ronn Torossian

CEO of 5WPR Ronn Torossian: Once thought of as a throwaway trend in a market saturated with technology, wearable technology are at a pivot point where it can either succeed or fail. What was seemed to have been pioneered by Nike, the fitness band is now taken up by rival companies like Samsung, Garmin, Sony, Jawbone, and many others promise their own models to come in the months and years to follow. With all this attention that is being paid a single mode of tech leads speculators to think that big name companies are on to something with the investment of... Read More >

RECALLS: Honda CEO sets an impressive standard

2014-10-28 by Ronn Torossian
honda recall

This article contains quotes from Ronn Torossian of 5WPR based in New York City. Very few things can wreck perfectly good public relations like a public recall. Just ask GM. But auto recalls don’t have to kill your credibility. Ronn Torossian reveals how a recent move by a top automaker’s CEO shows how one can turn negative news into positive PR. Honda recently announced a recall of 5 million cars in America related to faulty airbags. The issue, which has been responsible for at least four deaths, came on the heels of other massive recalls by competitors. However, unlike its competitors, Honda’s... Read More >

NY Observer Op-Ed Claims Burson-Marsteller Hired By Muslim Brotherhood After Rejecting Israel

2014-09-28 by EPR Staff

  - Everything PR Reveals Quote Came From Norway Burson CEO - An op-ed by Ronn Torossian in The NY Observer asserts – with proof - that the WPP-Public Relations unit, Burson-Marsteller has been hired by The Ennahdha Party, which is the Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood – while Burson refused an engagement from The State of Israel. Torossian’s op-ed documents how Burson-Marsteller “refused to work with the democratic nation of Israel to help the tiny Jewish state improve its image. In turning down a potential $3.5 million engagement, Sigurd Grytten, Burson-Marsteller’s Managing Director said, “We will not deliver tender to such... Read More >

The NFL’s PR After Recent Bad Publicity

2014-09-18 by Ronn Torossian
nfl public relations

The Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson stories have been major PR hits for the NFL, and the players in the NFL seem to have already written off the league office. These players will continue to play, but it appears that they do not trust the league. However, the league is taking an even bigger PR hit in the American public eye. What Has Happened? People who watch the NFL do not seem to trust the league or its owners. When people watch the NFL, they see a violent that has violent players. People are wondering if the violence is a... Read More >

Starbucks Surprised by Pumpkin Flavored PR Crisis

2014-09-08 by Ronn Torossian
starbucks pumpking spice pr

Ronn Torossian has some comforting and gentle words of wisdom for you. If you are successful in whatever you do, eventually, people will try to knock you down. Even if what you have is almost universally loved, somebody out there probably hates it. Or they hate you. Or they hate bubble wrap and tacos and long walks on the beach. It really doesn’t matter. If they have hate, they will direct it. Sooner or later that misdirected rage and frustration might be directed towards you. Recently, someone even created an infographic to “reveal the secrets” of  be pumpkin flavored. Turns out,... Read More >

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