Anthem protest spills outside of pro sports

2016-10-21 by EPR Staff
Anthem protest spills outside of pro sports

During the NFL preseason, when 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick chose to kneel during the National Anthem, he touched off a protest movement as well as a firestorm of criticism from NFL fans. Since that first protest, more players have taken up the gauntlet, and more fans have pledged to stop supporting the NFL until the movement is stopped. Attendance appears to be down, and the number of people pledging to #BoycottNFL is way up. But the protest has created other, unintentional results. Folks have begun to look at the Star Spangled Banner, including some verses that people don’t sing at... Read More >

Hillsborough Disaster Inquest shows where it all went wrong

2016-05-12 by EPR Staff

More than 27 years after that horrible incident on April 15, 1989, when 96 soccer fans were crushed to death, the truth finally finds the light of day. From the beginning, police officers reported how the crowd was drunk and disorderly, many without tickets, rushing to gain entry to the semi-final match. At the latest trial, lasting longer than any other in the U.K. – more than two years – police leadership was confronted with the evidence of their lies and cover-up. In some ways, it was the perfect storm. An uncompromising and regimented leadership unwilling to ever look at... Read More >

PR in Sports: Iowa Coach Thanks PR for Transformation

2016-05-09 by EPR Staff
sports public relations

Public relations continue to play instrumental roles in the success of brands and public figures across a wide range of industries. Great PR campaigns keep people like Kim Kardashian in the media, launch a platform for Coca-Cola’s place as a household name, and transform tech companies like Apple from startup to established forces. Recently, the sports industry also benefited greatly from the use of PR tactics to improve communications, respond to crises, raise funds, protect players’ images, and grow their audience. Responding to Crisis For instance, Kirk Ferentz, Iowa’s head football coach constantly looks for new ways to improve. He... Read More >

Sports PR: The Rise of Women and the Struggles they Face

2016-05-09 by EPR Staff
movement public relations

The feminist movement recently received a lot of criticism for veering off its traditional path. Many people – even other women – believe feminism and women’s rights should focus on more traditional and universal issues like equal pay; and ignore other issues, like the harassment women face on the streets or at their jobs. However, this video helps to remind men and women everywhere that women’s rights and issues deserve attention, whether the specific issue is universal or not. In the video, female sports writers Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro listen to tweets from men in sports. In the tweets,... Read More >

Cam Newton still trying to answer for post-Super Bowl presser

2016-05-06 by Ronn Torossian
cam newton super bowl press conference

He came. He saw … and he lost. Then he just didn’t want to talk about it. Now, months after the Super Bowl, Cam Newton is still paying PR consequences for his less than mature behavior after being whipped by Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 50. In some cases, how an athlete reacts at a news conference, particularly if he doesn’t say much of anything, won’t make the news. But those rules change when you’re Cam Newton. Everyone realizes this, just as they know it’s not fair. But folks, public relations is not fair. Often, it’s a blood sport, where... Read More >

Tiegs Slams SI for Glamorizing Big Women

2016-04-12 by EPR Staff

Even before they released the latest issue of the celebrated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the world was abuzz about SI’s decision to change up the focus of its models this time around. For years now the company has been including more “athletic” body types rather than just bikini model bodies into its publication. For the most part, these decisions have been met with applause. This year, though, the company did something unprecedented. It put a plus-size model on the cover. Well, one of three covers anyway. But just giving consumers a choice touched off a firestorm of controversy. One of... Read More >

NFL Uses Atlanta’s Super Bowl Bid to Fight Anti-Gay Bill

2016-03-28 by EPR Staff
LGBT Equality Rainbow Colored Flowers

The NFL is better known for counting its dollars and cents than throwing its weight behind humane issues. Over the past few years it showed what many called an inadequate response to issues like domestic abuse, diversity in the leadership group, and the safety of players. Even so, there is one cause the NFL strongly supports: LGBT rights. A bill that could lead to discrimination against the LGBT community awaits either an approval or veto from Governor Nathan Deal. The NFL recently voiced its disapproval of the bill, because if Atlanta wants a Super Bowl then everyone should feel welcome.... Read More >

Will Sharapova’s Ban Hurt Tennis More Than Her?

2016-03-18 by EPR Staff
Maria Sharapova Drug scandal

There’s no doubt, Maria Sharapova’s golden child image has taken a blow in recent weeks. When the story of doping allegations hit the news, the tennis star, most well-known for her poise in endorsements rather than her poise on the court, had a serious PR crisis on her hands. When your brand is your image, any whiff of a cheating or doping scandal becomes headline news. The five-time Grand Slam champion did herself plenty of favors in the early going, though, coming right out and admitting her faults and asking for forgiveness. In a second solid PR move, Sharapova gave... Read More >

Erin Andrews Key Hole: Comparative Censorship

2016-03-07 by EPR Staff
erin andrews threats

Erin Andrews News Update: Andrews was awarded $55 Million dollars in the case. Andrews is currently seeking $75 Million dollars in her Peeping Tom Video Lawsuit. She broke down in court today and says "I think about it every day" - What are your thoughts on the ESPN, Peeping Tom and Erin Andrews situation? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! News that ESPN's Erin Andrews was victimized by a peeping tom has gone viral on the Web. The beautiful sports announcer/celebrity was changing in her hotel room, when someone apparently filmed her nude through the keyhole and published the... Read More >

Athletic Companies and Their PR Campaigns

2015-12-09 by EPR Staff
Athletic Companies

Athletics marketing is as competitive as the consumers using the products. As a result, companies need to find new ways to rebrand and reinvent themselves to consumers. Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour are three of the biggest companies in the industry, and each has come up with new campaigns appealing to consumers. What’s their marketing and PR of late look like? Nike Nike is one of the largest companies in the world and one of the most recognized brands. Their latest campaign “Find Your Fast” utilizes big celebrity names in the sports industry encouraging consumers to get faster and beat... Read More >

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