Google Versus Facebook, Traffic and Where To Shove It

2010-03-17 by Richard D. Pace
Google Bird

Facebook is in the news again today having apparently surpassing Google's main search page in traffic, at least for a minute or two. However interesting the news might be however, a lot depends on how we measure traffic, as well as what happens when people arrive at our destinations. Facebook, now in deep to investors to the tune of $716 million, has since its inception 6 years ago still not brought in significant revenue, if any at all. Facebook, regardless of its viability, is one of the most interesting startup companies ever launched. The core value of the platform being... Read More >

Google Leans on its Own Apps to Create Tower of Babel

2010-03-12 by Aaron Sarno
Google Pencil Logo everything-pr

The ability to create a universal language sounds like something that can only happen on a Biblical scale. But Google just may be our modern day version of the Tower of Babel. With the large amount of data the search engine company processes on a daily basis, the past ten years have enabled Google to create quite a translation system. Scouring all those web pages to increase its search prowess, Google is looking deeper into its own infrastructure to refine its translation system. And the data Google collects goes beyond text search on web pages. When it comes to building... Read More >

Deconstructing Silicon Valley Social Media Dogma

2010-03-08 by Richard D. Pace
Silicon Valley Social Media

If you are an entrepreneur or business person intent on taking your company into the digital age via social networking and media, you may have stumbled upon the right article to set you on course. With 500 books, and as many so called "social media gurus" out there gasping for your attention, the road to Internet engagement can certainly be fraught with mis-information. The simple truth of what many people term "the conversation" (digital social interaction) is, "no pitch will be successful in the end unless it is the truth." If you are reading this, then you have already experienced... Read More >

CeBIT Weekend Recap and Connecting Worlds

2010-03-05 by Richard D. Pace
Cebit 2010

This weekend Everything PR News will be recapping many of the world's most innovative tech stuff from CeBIT 2010 "Connected Worlds", from the Hannover Exhibition Center. CeBIT is the world's largest digital IT and telecommunications trade fair. In this first segment, we will just introduce some of the scope of the exhibition along with some interesting high points. Everyone who is anyone interested in emerging technologies is involved with CeBIT in one way or another. From attendees like German Chancellor Angela Merkel and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Spanish Prime Minister, to some 2,000 prominent international guests from politics to business... Read More >

Full-Power PR War – Apple sues HTC Over Phone Patents

2010-03-02 by Almaz
Apple Public Relations

Either Apple lost their mojo, or they really just had it with the army of copycats following in their footsteps like some perverted predators. Or so it seems. In a full-power PR war, Apple decided to protect its brand and the identity it creates within every product at all cost. While still in the middle of a legal dispute with Nokia (that sued Apple for patent infringement in October 2009, followed in December by an Apple contra-suit alleging that Nokia infringed 13 of its patents), Apple turns against one of its main competitors. Directly or indirectly, the following affects Google... Read More >

Mobile Social Promotion: H&M Using Location-Based Virtual Goods

2010-03-02 by Aaron Sarno

Mobile phones are location-based because we are. And as far as marketing goes, brands have been pining for a day when they could better target customers based on their location. Thanks to smart phones and the many apps utilizing our GPS, that day has arrived. H&M is the latest to jump on the bandwagon with its new promotion for "The Blues" collection. H&M is turning to the mobile social media world for its marketing campaign, looking to the game MyTown to help drive traffic to its store locations. The MyTown game is location-based, offering rewards to unlock as you visit... Read More >

Online News Overtakes Print Media. The Future Has Arrived.

2010-03-01 by Almaz
online vs print media

More people get their news from online resources versus print media, with online news-intake also surpassing other channels including radio. The survey results came from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, which took daily tracking surveys from 2,259 adults age 18 or older. So what does it all really mean? I doubt anyone is really surprised that we've reached this point--online media has grown to a large extent, especially in the past few years. The print media has been dreading this day for some time, though the ongoing expectations of news media reaching this level of online permeation has... Read More >

Students Adapting to Webcam Spying at School

2010-02-26 by Aaron Sarno

It wasn't too long ago that we learned of a lawsuit being brought against a school for the use of webcams for spying on students' behavior on and off campus. Now Gizmodo notes another school teacher that brags about spying on his students at a school in the Bronx, as seen in a Frontline segment that aired earlier this month. The aim of Frontline's coverage was to highlight the use of technology in schools, and how laptops and Google Docs were turning the Bronx school around. Great things to see how education is finally being implemented on a universal scale... Read More >

UCLA Weekend University With Dmitry Shapiro

2010-02-23 by Richard D. Pace
UCLA everything-pr

This coming weekend, February 27th, people interested in fast tracking their Internet skills will have a rare opportunity. Dmitry Shapiro, Internet entrepreneur and founder of some of the web's most innovative technologies, will host an all day seminar at UCLA. This instructional will greatly enhance users' capabilities for utilizing the web, effectively transforming the average user into a power user. Dmitry Shapiro founded Veoh, one of the early Web 2.0 startups which helped revolutionize online video viewing. Shapiro is one of the web's most knowledgeable and skilled technology and business professionals. This all day seminar will offer a unique opportunity... Read More >

Getting On the Bloom Box Bandwagon

2010-02-22 by Richard D. Pace
Bloom Box

K.R. Sridhar, the inventor of what's known as "the Bloom Box" is a bona fide rocket scientist. Sridhar developed an oxygen production cell for NASA to make oxygen for a projected Mars mission. When NASA dropped the mission, Sridhar set to work transforming the cell into an energy production unit be reversing its function. Simple idea from a supremely complex and technologically advanced creation huh? Well, the news for the world is - it works. The Bloom Box is capable of producing enough energy to power anything with super efficiency and a drastically reduced carbon footprint. Why have you heard... Read More >

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