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Environmental and Green Friendly Public Relations Firms

Last week, the Summit on Climate Change, where world leaders from 183 countries gathered to talk about ways to combat environmental concerns, like global warming. Recent studies show that global temperatures will rise 4.5...

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PR News PR Agency Elite Awards Recap

As 2015 is swiftly approaching, it’s time to reflect on the past year and acknowledge and celebrate the PR agencies who have shown remarkable work in social media, employee relations, digital and beyond. PR...

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PR on Facebook: 100 Must “Like” Public Relations Pages

Not a top, but a resource of professional Facebook pages by PRs, and for PRs. We’ve picked some of the most popular companies and introduced them alongside smaller agencies, always considering their updates, and the way they engaged with their communities.

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Top 100 Public Relations Websites and Resources

Yesterday we classified the best of the best in the following categories: News (General), Business and Finance, PR News, PR Blogs and Social Media. Today we’ll focus on: PR Corporate Sites, PR Newsletters, PR distribution, PR Software and Communication miscellaneous.

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Makovsky + Company, Cutting Edge Digital Communication, Almost

Makovsky + Company is one of the world’s leading PR and investment consultancies. We intended to evaluate the company’s online digital presence, and found some real pluses and on the other end of the spectrum, a few surprising minuses which indicate “loose ends” with regard to the company’s branding online.