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The Latest (& strangest) Nivea Ad Featuring the Sun Burnt Doll

2015-06-10 by EPR Staff
the nivea commercial sunburn doll

If you’ve taken your family to the beach or an outdoor pool in the summertime, you know that making sure your children have been fully covered in sunscreen is a little like wrestling alligators. Parents are put to the test with their skills in holding each child in check before they rush to play in the sand or wade in the ocean. Well, Nivea came up with a genius idea, albeit an idea that uses fear as a motivator. They developed a sunburn doll that is sensitive to UV rays. If the doll does not have sunscreen on, it turns... Read More >

Why the Selfie Stick is the Millennial’s Favorite Toy

2015-06-08 by EPR Staff

The Selfie Stick: A Consumer PR Dream Because taking a picture is now easier than ever with a selfie stick, the practice has become a hobby for virtually every Millennial who is "in the know." Being able to snap and share almost instantly to a social media profile is making the selfie stick a staple in the wardrobe, almost as important as a purse or a wallet. The selfie stick is cheap, putting it well within the range of even the poorest Starbucks barista/student. It is also very easy to use, requiring almost no previous technical expertise. It is basically... Read More >

Turkish Airlines Hires Golin Harris Public Relations

2015-06-05 by EPR Staff
turkish airlines public relations

Turkish Airlines Hires Golin Harris: A Jewish Woman & Egyptian Man For American Public Relations According to documents filed with the United States Department of Justice, Turkish Airlines hired one of the largest PR Agencies in the world. Golin Harris International will “support the efforts to publicize Turkey’s Presidency of the G20, Turkish Airlines role as a sponsor, and the participation of the Turkish delegation at the 2015 spring meetings.” While the full filing can be read here, the mission is described as to “…secure interviews with journalists, invite journalists to events and send advisories to journalists.” Turkish Airlines is... Read More >

GoPro goes Virtual

2015-06-01 by EPR Staff
go-pro virtual reality

If you have been online in the last ten minutes, it’s likely you have encountered something related to GoPro. The massively successful camera brand first caught on with its ingenious marketing campaign – encouraging users to post their own videos using GoPro to film cool stuff. The campaign was so successful, GoPro just kept it going. Today millions of customers across the globe are posting an endless stream of streaming video online. You can sit down to watch GoPro produced videos and, literally, never stop watching.So, now having officially conquered the prosumer camera market, GoPro is breaking boundaries once again... Read More >

Free Villy Custom Giveaway on Ellen Degeneres Show

2015-04-22 by EPR Staff

Villy Custom is putting together a Beach Weekend Package, which will be given away on air at the end of May on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Each vendor receives two seats in the green room on taping day, which is the day before the show airs. Cost is $45K paid to Villy Custom, in addition your client would need to give away a product to every member of Ellen's audience. Ellen is very particular about the brands she gives out, because she wants to maintain a certain brand image. Therefore she wants to use companies that will align with her... Read More >

Alpha Brain & Possible Dangers of Health Supplements

2015-03-23 by EPR Staff
alpha brain onnit

Side Effects of popular supplements like Onnit's Alpha Brain might be a real concern. If not for the heroic efforts of a fellow classmate, the life of a Wesleyan University student might have tragically ended. He and two other students were hospitalized on February 2010 for what what described as a bad batch of "Molly." However, an investigation of the student's dormitory rooms revealed that what they had taken was a vitamin herbal supplement known as Alpha-Brain. Further searching revealed that various students harbored everything from marijuana and bath salts to an array of prescription medications. In additional to nearly... Read More >

Race Together: Starbucks Racing Backwards?

2015-03-23 by EPR Staff
starbucks jonah engler

There are many leaders in this country calling for a “national conversation” about race. More importantly, there appear to be millions of people ready to have that conversation. That combination could trigger a sea change in race relations in the United States. Or, if handled poorly, it could take what it’s trying to fix and break it even more. At least one company is already learning that lesson the hard way. Starbucks is no stranger to controversy, even to engaging in political wrangling. Their frequent stances on liberal issues have made the brand a counterpoint to the conservative block’s love... Read More >

So what is Flipkart?

2015-03-09 by EPR Staff

Most American are familiar with and eBay, but many have not heard of Flipkart. Flipkart is the leader of e-commerce in the fast growing Indian market. The company focuses on goods such as electronics, books, music and movies. Consumers can access the site online or through an app on their mobile phones. While the economy of India is still much smaller than the US, it has over 1.1 billion people and is growing at a rapid 7% clip. Hundreds of millions of Indians access the internet through desktop computers and mobile devices. The company was founded in 2007 by... Read More >

What Mark Cuban’s Smartphone Can Teach You About Success

2015-02-23 by Ronn Torossian
mark cuban cell phone

Recently, a reporter asked billionaire Mark Cuban a simple question that revealed quite a bit about both Cuban’s personality as well as offering some insight into the secrets of his success. That question? What apps do you have on your smartphone? Now, you might think a guy who has to monitor a massive amount of data on a daily basis would have an equally large number of apps to help manage all that work. Not so. The first lesson we can learn from Cuban on this score transcends all markets and industries… Keep It Simple. In the interview, Cuban even... Read More >

William Rast Selects Cobblers Kitchen as Footwear Licensing Partner

2015-01-16 by EPR Staff
William Rast justin timberlake

Cobblers Kitchen, a New York City based footwear licensing company announced a footwear licensing partnership has been signed with Sequential Brands Group. William Rast, the fashion brand co-founded by Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala, recently launched its Fall 2014 collection domestically with full concept shops featuring men's and women's sportswear, outerwear, and denim at all Lord & Taylor stores. Cobblers Kitchen has been provided exclusive rights to design, manufacture and distribute William Rast athletic footwear for men in Canada, U.S. and Europe. The debut collection is slated to launch at specialty retailers in Fall 2015. Cobblers Kitchen was founded by... Read More >

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