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The Importance of Influencer Marketing

2017-02-08 by Ronn Torossian
influencer marketing - public relations

As confidence in traditional advertising tactics continues to plummet, consumers are searching for new ways to find quality products. Now is the best time for companies to focus on influencer marketing. Influencers in advertising are people who have earned the trust of thousands by way of strong online or in-person presence. They are not always celebrities, though individuals working in show business are usually the greatest influencers because of their international notoriety. Consumers whose opinions can persuade family members and friends to purchase products are influencers in their right because of their ability to leverage large groups. Companies Should Treat... Read More >

Pfizer drops the cost of vaccine to charities

2017-01-03 by EPR Staff
pfizer public relations

It’s been a rough year for Big Pharma. You know all the stories, huge drug price hikes, exclusions, rate increases on prescription drugs … endless headlines turning the public image of the average drug company into some kind of Mad Max post-apocalyptic wasteland. One drug company appears tired of taking it on the chin. Pfizer is ready to see some good headlines, and their recent announcement is certainly a step in the right direction. The drug maker said it would reduce the charges charity groups pay for its incredibly effective vaccine against pneumonia, ear infections, and certain blood-borne infections. The... Read More >

Earned Media Measurement for PR

2016-12-31 by EPR Staff
Earned Media Measurement for PR

Past Practices Earned media is any advertisement that is not bought. Media monitoring services would report on every one of these mentions collected in manila folders each week or month. From them, a company would determine visibility. They would also determine the value of earned placements by determining how much a an actual advertisement would cost in the publication. That was called advertising value equivalency, or AVE. The problem with that way of determining value is that the visibility is not true visibility, but potential. William Comcowich says that "PR measurement gurus like Katie Paine, Angie Jeffrey, Mike Daniels, Sandra... Read More >

Observer’s PR Power 50 Firms for 2016 and Insights for the Future

2016-12-20 by EPR Staff
Observer’s PR Power 50 Firms for 2016 and Insights for the Future

At the bottom of this article is a chart created from the list of 2016’s Top U.S. PR firms according to The Observer. The chart lists the basic statistics of each of the agencies. But there are also some of the thoughts and observations that were listed in the article for you to ponder. In 2015 there was an obvious overlap happening between PR, social media, advertising, and the like. That increased in 2016 and will probably fully merge over the next couple of years allowing traditional PR and advertising firms to offer both to their client base and do... Read More >

Star Wars Drones Out In Time For Rogue One

2016-12-04 by Ronn Torossian
Star Wars Drone

It didn’t take long for Unmanned Flying Vehicles (AVF), otherwise known as “drones,” to become a hit on the consumer market. Soon, everyone had a friend or neighbor who owned a drone, and school kids were programming them in elementary schools. And, with consumer proliferation, comes consumer choice. That means promotional stunts and product placement. Enter Disney and Star Wars, the twin Death Stars of promotional merchandising expertise. This holiday season, living rooms and yards across the country will become re-enactments of the Battles of Endor or Hoth or the Death Star … or maybe a mashup of all the... Read More >

Moving beyond external communications at McGallen & Bolden

2016-11-28 by EPR Staff
external communications

by Seamus Phan, lead strategist & creative director, McGallen & Bolden Pte Ltd  The PR industry is facing an upheaval, primarily due to the decline of mainstream media, where traditional media channels such as newspapers, magazines, and broadcast stations are facing dwindling subscribers in this side of the world. To counter the decline, some media has adopted a "gated content" philosophy, while consolidation continues to happen. Beyond PR to social media It is not uncommon to see PR agencies transform these days, and many mainstream and larger PR agencies have progressed to also offer a variety of digital marketing services,... Read More >

Is the New York Times Apology to Donald Trump Too Little Too Late?

2016-11-16 by Ronn Torossian
Donald Trump - New York times - 5WPR CEO

Last week, after the Trump victory became formal, The New York Times issued an “apology” and rededication to fair reporting practices.  For many readers, however it was not enough. What they Said… Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the NYT’s publisher, issued a statement that said, in part, that “After such an erratic and unpredictable election … Did Donald Trump’s sheer unconventionality lead us and other news outlets to underestimate his support among American voters?” Well, yes it did apparently since NYT made the decision to break their trust with the public because they considered him too potentially dangerous as a candidate and... Read More >

Why Media Impressions Matter So Much

2016-11-16 by EPR Staff
Why Media Impressions Matter So Much

Have you ever thought of the phrase "making a first impression"? "You only get one chance to make a first impression," is a saying proven to be true over the years. Today the term has manifested itself in more exciting ways. Multimedia is taking the business world by storm in more ways than one. At no time in history has a company been able to reach so many people at the click of a button. Today, due to the versatile uses of social media, the world is at the fingertips of any growing company. What more can a growing company... Read More >

Happenings at Burson-Marsteller, WPP PR, Ketchum, and PR in Moscow

2016-11-07 by EPR Staff

New U.S. Healthcare Division Chair at Burson-Marsteller Henry Engleka joins the DC office of Burson-Marsteller as the new chair of the healthcare division. Engleka brings 20+ years of experience in healthcare communication and extensive work in the healthcare field. He worked most recently as a member of the Marketing Steering Committee and senior consultant at John Theurer Cancer Center. Before that, he was EVP of Health and Wellness practice at Porter Novelli in New York. He was also founder and CEO of P4 Strategy Group in NYC, co-founder of Zibbel Inc., and principal and managing director of the NYC office... Read More >

How will Streaming Change the Emmys?

2016-09-19 by Ronn Torossian

5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian comments on the future of Streaming Live Events. The continued success of streaming video content has many traditional TV networks trying to figure out how to jump on the bandwagon without destroying their current, profitable business model. The NFL recently announced a deal to stream Thursday Night Football on Twitter, and many NCAA games are available to watch on ESPN3. Meanwhile, many new popular shows are only available through streaming services. Netflix and Amazon are fighting tooth and nail against each other and against traditional networks for recognition. And it looks like, this year, they will... Read More >

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