Email Marketing Is Strong in Brazil

2012-07-16 by EPR Staff
The Digital Carnival

ExactTarget (NYSE:ET) found that nearly two thirds of online Brazilian consumers have made a purchase after receiving an email marketing message. The information is extremely useful for companies targeting this market, and Latin America in general, as customer behaviors in the area are usually similar. The information is available in ExactTarget's latest Subscribers Fans and Followers research series report, The Digital Carnival, which surveyed more than 1,400 Brazilian consumers. The study found that: 91 percent of online Brazilian consumers subscribe to at least one email marketing program 68 percent have made a purchase after receiving an email marketing message 53... Read More >

Vocus Virtual Conference Offers Expert Marketing Insights

2012-07-12 by EPR Staff

Vocus has announced its free 2012 Vocus Virtual Conference, a half-day online event featuring speaker presentations. The 4th annual conference will be held July 19, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (EST). Attendees will learn practical and timely marketing lessons including mobile marketing, integrated marketing, digital evangelism, branding. Presenters will also discuss the intersection of SEO, content marketing and social media marketing. Industry thought leaders will provide five separate one-hour sessions called five big marketing ideas to win customers. Vocus Virtual Conference presentations include: Digital - The Next Five Years: Tim Reis, Head of Social and Mobile Solutions, Google Marketing in the... Read More >

SAM Offers Enhanced Analytics Capabilities for Social Media Advertising

2012-07-04 by EPR Staff

Symphony Advanced Media (SAM), has incorporated the impact of traditional advertising such as print, television, radio and outdoor on social media activity surrounding a brand for enhanced media performance analysis. Integrating wide-ranging, multi-platform media data with social ‘Big Data’ from various sources, SAM provides advertisers enhanced predictive analytics concerning how traditional advertising influences social media buzz to drive sales. SAM President and CEO Manish Bhatia explained the benefits of the company’s approach: “Our clients are using an expanding range of traditional and digital media outlets as part of their advertising strategy. While advertisers usually have a very high degree of... Read More >

Facebook Is a Must for Marketers, but Not Necessarily through Ads

2012-06-27 by EPR Staff
facebook logo

All marketers agree that you need to be present on popular social network Facebook, but not necessarily to promote yourself using their ad system, as a new Ad Age study conducted in conjunction with Citigroup indicates. 658 subscribers responded to Ad Age's survey, all positioning themselves as decision-makers in social marketing strategy. In fact, there respondents were 34% marketers, 34% agency execs, 13% media execs, and the rest consisted of other professionals in the marketing field. Other important facts revealed by this survey are that there is quite a lot of confusion when it comes to how to calculate ROI... Read More >

Survey Explains Ineffective Nonprofit PR

2012-06-20 by EPR Staff
PR money talks.

A recent survey of over 1,500 nonprofit leaders reveals that their organizations failed to engage donors and grantees. Respondents included organization members from program staff to board members, with the majority in marketing or fundraising roles; organizations of various sizes, causes and locations were represented. Nancy Schwartz, president of Nancy Schwartz & Company and blogger at Getting Attention explains that using descriptive and lengthy “messages generate a ‘so what, who cares’ rather than an ‘aha.’” Schwartz adds: “The way nonprofits talk about their work, results and ultimate impact is a core competency critical to every organization’s success. The bad news... Read More >

Content Creation Plays Key Role in Establishing Thought Leadership

2012-06-04 by EPR Staff
content marketing public relations

Content curation is one of the new trends in communications, as any marketing and communication expert will tell you, and it turns out that content is greatly perceived as an effective way of establishing thought leadership, as a new study shows. One of the biggest challenges is to actually provide interesting content in a world where there is too much information and where often we see articles with bombastic titles that turn out to be lacking great content. Content curation services provider Curata carried out a survey in March 2012 reaching out to more than 400 US marketers and agencies... Read More >

PR Resources: Business Wire Smart Marketing Page

2012-05-23 by EPR Staff
SMP everything-pr

[caption id="attachment_34766" align="alignleft" width="284"] Smart Marketing Page (SMP) leverages the best content to create an SEO-enhanced, interactive multimedia news and information experience for audiences.[/caption] More than ever, whether it’s news, products, or services, in the business world, packaging counts. Innovative web and multi-media marketing campaigns continue to up the ante on how engaging and dynamic the information companies share should be. Platforms like Business Wire’s Smart Marketing Page allow businesses to represent themselves through audio-visual and interactive media components. Dynamic engagement strategies provide consumers, reporters and target audiences what they really want; an experience and feel for your brand, not... Read More >

5 Essential Qualities of a World-Class Press Release Boiler

2012-04-30 by EPR Staff

You’ve seen it at the end of every press release—that little one-paragraph “about us” section that describes who’s publishing the announcement and what they do, whether they’re a GPS tracking system for trucks or a dental website. Dubbed a boilerplate after those little metal plates that steam boiler manufacturers used to place on their products, the boiler is like the 30-second elevator pitch of the press release world, and because it’s used and reused across so many various media materials, it’s also one of the most important marketing materials a company has. Given that it’s such an important marketing tool,... Read More >

Most SMBs Fail to Promote Social Profiles on Their Websites

2012-04-16 by EPR Staff
social media icons everything-pr

A meager 19.5 percent of small and medium sized businesses link to their Facebook page from their website and even less to their Twitter or LinkedIn profiles, shows data released by data collection and analyses engine SMB DigitalScape. vSplash’s engine analyzed over 1 million SMB from  14 countries, of which more than 700,000 were from the USA and identified a common trend: businesses fail to properly use their website to promote social media presence.  The situation is worse than just failing to use social media to their advantage: 74.7 SMB websites have no email link on their homepage where customers... Read More >

Balancing Discipline and Experimentation in Social Media

2012-04-02 by EPR Staff
Businessman with an umbrella crossing between two cliffs on a rope.

For small and midsize firms, social media marketing can be tricky business. Being relatively new, social media pegs doesn't always fit into traditional marketing holes. Owners and marketers within a firm don't know what to make of social media: is it a technique, a tool, or a toy? A lot of companies gravitate to one of two extremes when they begin doing social media: They throw all traditional marketing and business rules out the window and treat social media as an alien life form They cling desperately to all the old rules and smother their program, barely giving it a... Read More >

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