HD Advertisers Show Dramatic Growth, Outnumbering SD Advertisers

2012-08-17 by EPR Staff
HD ads courtesy Mrkvica -

Extreme Reach, Inc., 150 percent increase in growth in HD ad distribution since Q2 2010 suggests a major shift towards high definition TV advertising. Analyzing trends across TV media types in the past two years, the report offers key findings revealing, among other things, for the first time, HD advertisers on network broadcasts outnumbered SD advertisers. The report, now in its eighth quarterly edition, focuses on five verticals: Financial Services, Automotive, Entertainment, Retail and Political. Providing the most up-to-date and relevant HD information for the advertising industry examines: HD advertising trends over the past two years HD advertising trends related... Read More >

Five Steps to Social Media Marketing Success

2012-08-14 by EPR Staff
Businessman with an umbrella crossing between two cliffs on a rope.

Your company just started up an online presence, there's all this buzz about social media and some so called "conversation" going on. Figuring out you'll have to join Facebook and Twitter, maybe even starting a company blog, this is just for starters, what about that steep learning curve to knowing what is what? The five steps below can ensure more new digital business successes than failures from the "get go". Step One - Your Community Even in a one sided conversation knowing to whom you are speaking, targeting your audience, is the most crucial first step. Let's just face it,... Read More >

The Future of ROI May Be Written – Or Printed

2012-08-13 by EPR Staff
Printed technology

If you are sitting there with your Monday thinking cap on wondering what will be the very "next thing" in consumer engagement, maybe your waiting and thinking is already over.  IPI (Europe) Limited, printable interactivity may already be here. Your read correctly, real world printed products and packaging that can help generate not only interest but purchases. Talk about ROI from within and existing realm, what could be more fascinating than printable interactive tools. According to IPI (Europe) there are already a number of these interactive types available from printable electronics tied to mobile apps, to packaging and promotional items. IPI's long... Read More >

Marketing Man: O’Rourke Hospitality’s Brian Fitzgerald

2012-08-08 by EPR Staff
Brian Fitzgerald

Everything PR News has engaged in discussion with a number of key decision makers over the last year. PR gurus, creatives, journalists and editors, but not so many marketing experts. We found just such a guru in marketing man Brian Fitzgerald. The travel and tourism business being as dynamic and changing as any in this digitally charge time, Fitzgerald, of O’Rourke Hospitality Marketing, seemed like the perfect person to tag for a Q & A. One problem though, in catching up with professionals on the go, is actually catching them with the time to answer questions. Brian graciously acquiesced over... Read More >

The Art of Storytelling: What We Can Learn from P&G

2012-08-01 by EPR Staff
Story book

The most engaging Facebook pages are those that tell a story. Some do it with images, others use words to tell little known facts about who they are, what they are doing, and why. Sometimes the story is implied, like in Visa's Global Cheer campaign, sometimes they are more literal, like in P&G's Raising an Olympian. Yes, Procter & Gamble are the masters of the craft, engaging audiences not with empty messages, but with true stories about their consumers. P&G's latest Raising an Olympian campaign for London 2012 Olympic Games, features stories of Olympic athletes and their mothers - short... Read More >

Is There True Value in Facebook Advertising?

2012-07-31 by EPR Staff

What is the real value of a Facebook ad? When Rory Cellan-Jones set up a fake bagel company on Facebook last month, to measure impact and value of Facebook advertising, his findings were not very encouraging. His quest for "likes" revealed that ads are shown to some obscure users, some whose profiles seemed to be fake. This raises the question, is Facebook a viable ad platform? Rory Cellan-Jones VirtualBagel experiment is faulted in many ways. He targeted people to most likely to "like" the page, regardless of their geographical location, age, interest, and so on. For a campaign to be... Read More >

The Research of Twitter Audience: Preference and Behavioral Aspects

2012-07-25 by EPR Staff
ROMAN VILIAVIN - everything-pr

In an ever dynamic world of digital influence, it becomes increasingly important for marketers to know their targeted audience in order to build the right advertising and/or marketing campaigns and promotion strategies, across the same social networks. Armed with the right knowledge of these audiences, business advocates stand a far greater opportunity for conversions than competitors who are in the dark. Twitter is increasingly viewed in terms of being an instrument of interaction with users, current users and potential customers too. With this in mind, let us try to better understand what audience is there, and the "who" of whom we are... Read More >

What Is the Future of Mobile Marketing?

2012-07-20 by EPR Staff
Digital ads

Global Information Inc. have released four reports that examine the future of mobile advertising. The reports review mobile bar code marketing, messaging, in-app and mobile internet strategies, worldwide and U.S. internet ad spend, and mobile contextual advertising. Mobile Bar Code Marketing The study suggests that with increasing smartphone adoption, mobile barcodes are becoming a useful advertising tool, but neither marketers nor consumers are harnessing the full potential of QR codes. Mind Commerce Publishing predicts mobile bar code redemption value will exceed $50 billion globally by 2017. Mobile Advertising The report assesses how the business models in the mobile advertising industry... Read More >

6 Examples of How Businesses Can Use YouTube Channels

2012-07-19 by EPR Staff
youtube logo

YouTube has become a content powerhouse. The number one place for both professional and amateur videos, whole careers have been launched on that site. Not to mention the often utilized marketing potential taken by businesses all over the world. Just the ability to generate a viral video has more benefits these days than a dozen television commercials. Some companies do a better job of taking advantage of their YouTube accounts than others. Here are six examples of businesses that have done it right. 1. Cisco Networking giant Cisco is one of the biggest names in the technology world. So it... Read More >

Ace Metrix: London’s Best Ads

2012-07-19 by EPR Staff
Ace Metrix

Ace Metrix™, a TV and ad analytics leader, has announced a unique Olympic ad effectiveness program. Agencies and brands can subscribe to the new program for viewing Olympic themed ads across many industry niches. (watch the ad at bottom) “Only a service like Ace Metrix can determine if these ‘realtime’ ads hit the mark.” Or, at least this is the motto of Ace for this news release. With the 2012 Olympics around the corner, interest in ad effectiveness will obviously be at a fever pitch, sponsors and their competitors wanting to determine course, in real time. Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix,... Read More >

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