Biz Pizza PR Campaigns of Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Dominos

2017-08-09 by EPR Staff
Biz Pizza PR Campaigns of Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Dominos

Americans love Pizza, so much so that some cities end up having pizza wars between long-time vendors. But in the world of big company pizza, we’re comparing the public relations strategies of three of the top pizza restaurant lines in the US … some are even global. Pizza Hut One of their newest campaigns features Saturday Night Live’s Kristen Wiig as “The Everyman.” If you haven’t seen them yet, they’ll be happening in the breaks between some of your favorite shows soon. The campaign focuses on how “Everyman” wants fast and hot pizza delivered to their doorstep. It ties in... Read More >

Thinx fights image issues with new leadership

2017-08-07 by EPR Staff

Maybe you were unaware, but period underwear is a thing. Thinx was touted as having the ability to “absorb blood and kill germs,” qualities that appealed to enough people to support the company’s Kickstarter launch back in 2013. Things looked rosy for Thinx for years. Not so much anymore. The company recently brought in new leadership to clean up its image. Maria Molland Selby took the leadership role on July 31, replacing former CEO Miki Agrawal, who left the company last spring. Agrawal left a PR mess in her wake. The co-founder of Thinx was known for being brash and... Read More >

International Film Festival of India Issues Public Relations RFP

2017-08-05 by EPR Staff
International Film Festival of India Issues Public Relations RFP

  International Film Festival of India (IFFI) is the largest and prestigious international film festival being organized by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting every year in Goa. Films from all over the world participate in the festival. Reputed delegates from different parts of the world attend this festival. The 48th Edition of the festival is scheduled to be held from 20th November to 28th November 2017 at Goa. The organizers of the festival, with a view to enhance the profile of the festival in terms of content and organization, proposes to engage an PR Agency of repute for organizing various... Read More >

The National Sleep Foundation Issues Marketing RFP

2017-08-04 by EPR Staff
sleep foundation seeks pr media agency

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has issued a marketing RFP for their many programs that need marketing and media attention throughout the year. The selected firm will be responsible for developing a plan and overseeing execution of the plan for key programs and products such as: the launch of a new continuing medical education (CME) course for physicians; annual awareness campaigns; academic journal; tech initiatives; website properties; and research initiatives.NSF invites proposals from interested marketing firms that can be available for marketing and communications work on an as-needed basis and that have experience: designing and executing marketing and communications plans;... Read More >

FDA goes after cigarettes again

2017-08-01 by EPR Staff

Ever since they started putting warning labels on smokes, cigarette companies have been pushing back, trying to keep selling their product even as the popular culture progressively shoved smokers, literally, into the corners of society. Now, years after smoking was banned in most restaurants, the Food and Drug Administration is back to regulate cigarettes once again. According to reports in Reuters, the FDA wants tobacco companies to “reduce nicotine levels” in cigarettes while also taking steps to encourage smokers to shift to “potentially less harmful” e-cigarettes. The End of Smoking As a result of this regulatory shift, tobacco company stocks... Read More >

Whitman Offers Full Support to HP

2017-07-31 by Ronn Torossian

As months roll by without any clear answers, the speculation as to who might be Uber’s next CEO continues to churn out headlines in the business pages. The list waxes and wanes week to week, but scratch one name off for good. Meg Whitman says she is not interested in becoming Uber’s next leader. She’s very happy at HP, thank you very much. Whitman was considered the frontrunner in the speculation game, which has been running since former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned last month. HP is doing well, and Whitman is being given a lot of the credit. No... Read More >

Tesla bumped from top spot

2017-07-25 by EPR Staff
tesla bumped from top spot

Despite the much-ballyhooed impending release of the Model 3, mass market sedan, Tesla was just bumped from the top spot of most valuable automaker in the United States. For a few months, Elon Musk’s electric car company reigned as the most valuable, ahead of even stalwarts like Ford and General Motors. For a year, it had been smooth sailing for Musk, whose SpaceX company was making great news week in and week out. That, along with a series of positive articles about the growth and future potential of Tesla, had company executives riding high. Then the other shoe dropped. Despite... Read More >

Tech companies lining up behind net neutrality

2017-07-24 by EPR Staff
Tech companies lining up behind net neutrality

The biggest buzzword in today’s tech politics is no doubt, net neutrality. Millions are talking about it, even though many don’t understand what it means, not really. But that hasn’t stopped people from trying to explain it, as least well enough to get others to sign petitions and get on board online. Enthusiasm is high, and now many tech companies are answering the bell, coming out swinging in support of net neutrality. The group effort was in support of what was called a “Day of Action” which had the hopes of convincing the FCC that net neutrality – defined by... Read More >

Prince Edward Island Issues Tourism Marketing RFP

2017-07-20 by EPR Staff
Prince Edward Island has issued an RFP for tourism Marketing Management Services

Prince Edward Island has issued an RFP for tourism Marketing Management Services. Over the past several years, Tourism Prince Edward Island has successfully moved away from a traditional centralized full-service agency model and employs an account management service model, where it contracts one company for account management services, who in turn, sub-contracts all other necessary services such as creative, PR event activations, advertising, sales and media buying services. This allows Tourism PEI to find the best fit for each of the individual services. This RFP seeks to find the proponent best qualified to undertake the provision of tourism marketing and... Read More >

Tiffany & Co Taps a New Leader

2017-07-19 by EPR Staff
Tiffany & Co taps a new leader

For nearly two years under CEO Frederic Cumenal, one of the premier jewelry brands in the world, Tiffany & Co., struggled. They failed to release many new products, couldn’t attract customers and watched sales continue to slide. After 22 months of this, the board had enough. Cumenal was asked to resign this past February, and the company struggled to find a new leader for months. Now, five months after Cumenal was sent packing, Alessandro Bogliolo has been named CEO. Bogliolo is an industry veteran, former 16-year employee at Bulgari with retail leadership experience as CEO of designer jeans brand, Diesel.... Read More >

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