Beat Back Your Self-Doubt and Lead

2017-08-25 by EPR Staff
Beat Back Your Self-Doubt and Lead from Your Strengths

It’s a dirty little secret in business management circles, but a lot of leaders struggle with self-doubt. We have to keep a brave face out in the spotlight and in front of our team, but there’s still a lot going on behind the scenes. While for some, this can be crippling and a job change might be in order, that doesn’t mean we all don’t deal with some level of self-doubt from time to time. When those times come, we can either pack up our tent and quit or push through it. The latter is almost always the better choice,... Read More >

World Bank Group Seeks Consumer Marketing Agency

2017-08-23 by EPR Staff

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, is an investor and advisor supporting sustainable economic growth in developing countries by making private sector investments, mobilizing  capital in the international financial markets, and providing advisory services to businesses and governments. Lighting Africa, is a joint IFC/World Bank initiative that seeks to mobilize the private sector to build sustainable markets for affordable, high quality, modern solar lighting and energy products for people in Africa not connected to grid electricity. In Ethiopia, the program aims to enable 8 million people to gain access to quality-assured, off-grid solar lighting... Read More >

Top Parenting Influencers

2017-08-23 by EPR Staff

GroupHigh, a service that studies and compiles information on various social media (and otherwise) influencers, recently put out their list of top 60 parenting influencers. Here’s what the list shows: Two boys one girl and a crazy mom -- Reach over 30K. Topics for posts cover such things as recipes, healthy snack ideas, DIY projects, crafts, appropriate movies for her teenaged sons and daughter, and a lot more. A daddy blog. -- Reach almost 32.4K. Topics for posts cover such things as living in the south, DIY stuff, and general parenting. A Helicopter Mom -- Reach over 212.6K. Topics for... Read More >

Prepare to Win a PR Job With These Proven Interview Tips

2017-08-22 by EPR Staff

Public relations is not what it once was. In today’s digital, virtual, social media world, many of the dynamics that makes for a successful PR campaign have shifted. That’s not to say everything has changed. There are many tried and true, time tested principles that have always worked and still do. The key to success in PR in today’s shifting marketplace of ideas is to keep what has always worked and integrate the speed, immediacy and constantly shifting consumer dynamics that define modern life. That’s what today’s PR teams are looking for when the time comes to add someone new... Read More >

Government of Bermuda Seeks Social Media Agency

2017-08-21 by EPR Staff
Government of Bermuda Seeks Social Media Agency

The Government is looking for a social media agency with a proven understanding of local stakeholders. We seek to increase the overall public awareness and value of the Government’s policies, services and programmes through strategic social media campaigns with the following outcomes in mind: Continue to enhance Government’s social media reach to become the trusted and top of mind source for anyone looking for information. Establish a strategic, comprehensive link between highlighted Government services and programmes and members of the public. Background: In April 2017 the department changed its name from Department of Communication and Information to the Department of... Read More >

PR Happenings at JConnelly, 5WPR, Jared and Ivanka’s PR, and Weber Shandwick

2017-08-18 by EPR Staff

Adam Schiff Joins JConnelly to Oversee Growth and Expansion With 20 years’ of experience in PR and marketing, Adam Schiff now becomes COO of JConnelly. He will be in charge of daily efforts and work with CEO and founder, Jennifer Connelly regarding leadership, management, and vision, looking toward expansion and future growth of the agency. His past employment record includes 15 years at DKC ending as an EVP. 5WPR Becomes AOR for LottoGopher Holdings Inc. Not for the first time a gaming company has signed with Top 15 Independent PR firm, 5WPR. LottoGopher Holdings recently signed 5WPR as their PR... Read More >

City of Phoenix Issues RFP for Media Monitoring.

2017-08-18 by EPR Staff

The City of Phoenix is the largest municipality in the state of Arizona, and the fifth largest municipality in the United States, serving more than 1.62 million residents. Its workforce of over 14,000 employees provides a variety of services to meet residents' needs, ranging from neighborhood development, recreation facilities and activities, aviation operations, recycling and public works projects, and more. Phoenix has also become a destination of choice for organizations looking to host world-class sporting and cultural events. The Communications Office supports these activities with media relations and community outreach across all media platforms. As part of these responsibilities, staff... Read More >

News From Chris Taylor, Ruder Finn, Sitrick & Co., and North 6th Agency

2017-08-17 by EPR Staff

Chris Taylor – PR Agent to NYC Billionaires, Opening Own Shop Chris Taylor is opening a PR agency in New York sometime after Labor Day. She has not decided on a name for the place, but Taylor Made P.R. has been suggested by none other than former boss Bloomberg. For a couple of decades, she’s worked for and with such New York moguls as Michael Bloomberg’s limited partnership and for Ronald Perelman at MacAndrews & Forbes. Taylor has already lined up some high-profile clients, as well as keeping Ronald Perelman on the client roster, saying: “Ronald’s still a client.” Amazon... Read More >

Measuring Your Nonprofit’s Impact on Social Media

2017-08-15 by EPR Staff
Measuring Your Nonprofit’s Impact on Social Media

These days most people have come to grips with the notion that they need to have some kind of active social media presence. The internet is constantly evolving, and you need to keep up with those changes. We saw it with websites. Remember the days when just having a website was a cool thing? Then came the days when you had to have something online to let people know you existed. Now days though, just having a site up isn’t enough. It has to be responsive, and you need a version that looks just as good on an iPhone as... Read More >

Why can’t audiences get enough of Sharknado

2017-08-14 by EPR Staff

There’s a popular meme making its way around social media these days. It’s an encouraging sort that reminds people not to keep quiet, even if they think their idea will never work because, “someone once sat in a pitch meeting and said, ‘tornados full of sharks’.” And that’s it. The meme works because no one can understand the success of the Sharknado franchise. Yes, franchise. There have been several of these movies now. Millions can’t understand why. The confusion is so universal it’s literally become a meme for ridiculous or silly. And, yet, the movies also have millions of fans.... Read More >

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