10 Largest PR Firms in the US & Their Website Traffic

2015-11-16 by EPR Staff
North America PR Firms

PR firms are all over the place, but to get a sneak peak at the 10 largest PR firms and a glimpse of their website traffic, take a look at the list below from PR Week. Edelman. The world’s largest PR agency has been around for over sixty years, and it continues pushing boundaries of what the PR industry can do. Edelman’s website traffic ranks 25,731 in the United States, and 61,360 globally. 38% of website visitors come from the U.S., 12.4% from the United Kingdom, 9.6% from India, 6.1% from Nigeria, and 3.1% from Singapore. Waggener Edstrom Communications. WE... Read More >

Poland’s Best PR Firms

2015-11-07 by EPR Staff
Poland PR Firms

Poland has a lot to offer the world, so there’s a need for good PR - luckily they have it in the follow firms. United PR, one of the first PR firms in Poland, was organized in 1991. Since then this wide-ranging company has serviced over 80 companies for extended periods. They proved their willingness to remain loyal to returning clientele. While, in service to these companies, United PR carried out over 400 PR projects and programs, proving reliability. Additionally, the firm continues exploring and mastering new areas of PR expertise, including investor relations, issues management, crisis communications, and media... Read More >

Argentina Public Relations Firms: Here’s Five Great Ones

2015-11-07 by EPR Staff
City of Argentina

Argentina is a large nation – and there are some great PR firms in the area.  Some we think highly of: Nueva Comunicación is a strategic corporate communications company providing consulting and management services to public and private organizations of the consumer, transport, energy, and finance services. They also work with pension systems, education, health, technology, and entertainment. With a thirty-year track record of practically flawless service, it’s no surprise this company is the main consultant for the Press and Public Relations of Argentina. Nueva Comunicación uses its wide register of expertise to deliver dynamic, effective, and competent results producing... Read More >

Government’s PR and Advertising Budget: Prime Example of Bureaucratic Problems

2015-11-04 by EPR Staff
US government spending

The US government’s advertising budget has come under scrutiny recently. While rough numbers can be extrapolated, it is difficult to determine how much is actually being spent on PR. Excessive government spending has always been a concern, and as the U.S. recovers from the worst recession since the Great Depression, ways to cut back Federal and State spending are increasingly interesting to the public. However, to know how much can be cut back, a clearer understanding of what is spent and why must be determined.   Why does the Government need PR? For some, the idea of the government hiring... Read More >

Activist Investor Bill Ackman Says Sard Verbinnen Is Doing Horrible PR

2015-10-30 by EPR Staff
Bill Ackman Says Sard Verbinnen Is Doing Horrible PR

Billionaire activist investor Bill Ackman today said that Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc – a company he is a major investor in – has terrible Public Relations, and named major PR firm Sard Verbinnen as having done a “horrible job.” During a four hour conference call, Ackman said one of the reasons the company's stock is at a two-year low is "They need help on the PR side," and the company needs to spend more on PR. Ackman continued that Sard Verbinnen has done a "fabulous job" for Herbalife and a "horrible" job representing Valeant. Ackman added they may be "too... Read More >

The Deal Announces 2015’s Top Ranked PR Firms According to M&A Transactions in Q1-Q3

2015-10-30 by EPR Staff
The Deal Magazine

The Deal financial media outlet has just released the latest results in ranking the top firms in mergers and acquisitions for the first 3 quarters of 2015. These deals only reflect transactions of over $100 million which involved a U.S. business. Below are the results for those top PR firms, and some of the deals that earned them their rankings. Joele Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher New York based firm Joele Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher was founded in 2000, and claims the top spot on The Deal’s results, with 88 total deals for 2015. Split evenly between seller and bidder transactions,... Read More >

The Zeno Group: Edelman’s Conflict PR Firm

2015-10-20 by EPR Staff
The Zeno Group

There are many communications agencies out there, but the Zeno Group is best known as the conflict agency of the world’s largest independent agency, Edelman. The Zeno Group is unique with roots in the PR world and is a global agency managed and supported by expert PR people. They combine research with their ability to read people while developing ideas and plans catering to the best interests of their clients. A mid-sized, global communications agency, the Zeno Group works across the corporate, consumer, health, and technology sectors. Their extensive list of services includes creative development, paid native and social advertising,... Read More >

401K Plans In the PR Industry: PR Firm Winners and Losers in Benefit Packages

2015-10-13 by EPR Staff
401K Plans In the PR Industry

We went looking at some of the top PR firms and their *retirement benefit packages – with the help of Brightscope, a financial company which provides services for retirement planning.  Brightscope ranks 401k & retirement plans, and wanted to compare the plans of some of America’s leading Public Relations agencies. While many agencies information was not available, many were – and among the large PR firms we could find: APCO Worldwide and Edelman had the best 401K plans – and MWW PR Group and DKC (Dan Klores Communications) had the worst. Note that 401k’s, have differences, so comparing these PR companies’... Read More >

Best PR Firms to Work for in Los Angeles

2015-09-23 by EPR Staff
Best PR Firms California

You’ve got the degree, you’ve got the desire, now where do you start when looking for a great place to increase your skills and understanding in public relations. Well, if you happen to be looking in the Los Angeles area, here are a few great firms to research. No matter where you start your career, expect to put in long hours and deal with some clients who are in crisis mode. Edelman PR. Some of the comments from current employees talk about the opportunities for learning and growth and the positive working environment. The company offers a global network and is... Read More >

Edelman PR & Richard Edelman: Largest PR Firm has it’s Biggest Year

2015-09-09 by EPR Staff

Everything PR wants to offer congratulations on the great fiscal year Edelman just closed. At a time when PR, media, and advertising are competing, completing, and merging, business can be tough. But Richard Edelman's PR Firm – who remain fiercely independent - reported an organic growth in revenue for the fiscal year 2015 of 8.5% growth – that’s a global revenue total of $833 million. Efforts made by Edelman elevate the PR industry, and we are proud to rub shoulders occasionally with them. As proof of the great work they are doing, they ran a highly successful campaign helping CVS... Read More >

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