Superior Trade Zone in Michigan Seeks Marketing Partner

2017-07-16 by EPR Staff

Purpose The Superior Trade Zone in Michigan is working with the Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program of the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institute and seeks to develop a business and investment attraction marketing strategy. The ultimate goal is to promote the infrastructure, workforce, and services, which make the Superior Trade Zone an ideal location for business development and growth. The marketing strategy should integrate existing research, analysis and any previous local feasibility studies with input from stakeholders and community members to develop a comprehensive strategic plan and brand that is tailored to meet the needs of the region. To that... Read More >

White House still battling the press, but does Trump even need his media team?

2017-07-12 by EPR Staff
white house battling press donald trump media team

Five months into his historic Presidency and Donald Trump’s war with the media continues unabated. The President is unmoved, in fact, he seems to relish, the constant back and forth with reporters and editors. But others in his camp are beginning to show signs of wear. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has, to date, borne the brunt of the media derision aimed at the Trump administration.  He’s been the butt of jokes on SNL and the nightly TV talk shows, and his contentious exchanges with reporters have created as many headlines as the reports he’s tasked with conveying. There... Read More >

How to Inspire Your Team to Greatness

2017-07-10 by EPR Staff
How to Inspire Your Team to Greatness

As a leader, there’s only so far you can go on your own, without growth. The same must be understood about your team. You may have hired them to do a specific job, but if you want better or more next year than you accomplished this year, all of you must increase your capacity … not just your efficiency. Because of this, the most important skill a good leader develops is the ability to inspire his or her team to grow. The better your team can be, the bigger your capacity for success. As the leader, you are responsible for... Read More >

University of Houston Issues Advertising and Marketing RFP

2017-07-07 by EPR Staff
university of houston seeks advertising and marketing communications firm

The University seeks an advertising and marketing communications firm to develop and implement effective advertising and marketing communications programs to build and sustain enrollment growth through a diverse range of student recruitment, student retention and alumni/community outreach initiatives. Nestled on a 524-acre wildlife and nature preserve, University of Houston-Clear Lake (“University” or “UHCL”) has become a cornerstone of higher education along the upper Gulf Coast of Texas. Located midway between Houston and Galveston, Texas, adjacent to NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the Armand Bayou Nature Center, the University serves a diverse student population from the state, the nation and abroad.... Read More >

State of Alabama Seeking Tourism PR firm

2017-07-06 by EPR Staff
alabama tourism seeks public relations firm

  The Alabama Tourism Department seeks a PR firm to: Build top-of-mind awareness and consideration for Alabama's unique vacation options Drive online traffic to to further influence the target audience's vacation planning "Utilize "Sweet Home Alabama's' magical, charming, authentic and relaxing character to distinguish it as a uniquely rewarding destination with more to savor." Work with ATD staff to facilitate all international marketing endeavors based on the direction of the Director. Media Supported Advertising: Includes hours only (media is placed at net) for the planning, research, negotiation, placement and stewardship of paid and donated media, TV, radio, print, outdoor,... Read More >

Greenburgh Central School District Seeks Public Relations Firm

2017-06-28 by EPR Staff
Greenburgh Central School District Seeks Public Relations Firm

Greenburgh Central School District (GCSD) is located 25 miles north of New York City and serves students from Hartsdale, a portion of White Plains, and several streets in Elmsford. The total area of the District is eight square miles with a population of approximately 21,000 residents representing a vast array of social, economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. GCSD is seeking the services of a public relations firm to support aspects of its communication with various publics. Typical communication support provided by the public relations firm will include: press releases to media; press coverage of District events; positive promotion of the... Read More >

Kenya Tourism Issues Marketing RFP

2017-06-26 by EPR Staff
Nairobi kenya seeks public relations and media communications agency

Kenya Tourism Board has issued a marketing RFP.  The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) is looking for destination marketing agencies that will work closely with them in the implementation of the Kenyan Marketing Strategy 2017-2020, with the trade, in its priority markets. Scope of Work: 1. Strategic planning and project management Annual Market Development Plan Considering Kenya Tourism Marketing Strategy 2017-2020 and other key strategic reports provided by KTB, the selected Respondent will create a strategy and action plan for the year ahead. The strategy & plan will include  the main B2B goals for the specific market, current situation, most important... Read More >

Al-Jazeera Under Siege at Home

2017-06-15 by EPR Staff
Al-Jazeera Under Siege at Home

When you take a stand as a brand, especially as a media company, you’re going to get some pushback and criticism. When you do so in the Middle East, that pushback is going to be substantial. And, often, when you don’t take a stand where you should … or if you refuse to … the consequences can be difficult to manage. Just ask Al-Jazeera. The Arabic news network out of Qatar is taking a beating from its Gulf Neighbors at the moment. The critics there are working overtime to try to silence the network that has been challenging prevailing opinion... Read More >

Texas Governor Takes Heat Over Shooting Journalists Comments

2017-06-06 by EPR Staff
Texas governor takes heat over shooting journalists comments

Sometimes things said in jest a relative few years ago could get you in hot water these days. Social media robs comments of context even as it shares them with the world. Then, once someone has given a soundbite the meme treatment, all bets are off. Just ask Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has been in the news recently after reportedly threatening to shoot journalists. Except, Gov. Abbott wasn’t really threatening anyone. He was clearly joking, and everyone was in on the joke … except for the millions on social media who heard about it secondhand and took it completely... Read More >

Jennifer Garner Defends Herself After People Magazine Piece

2017-06-05 by Ronn Torossian
Jennifer Garner defends herself after People Magazine piece

When you’re a celebrity, even if you haven’t been in the spotlight in a while, there will be some people out there who want to know all your business. Sometimes, this is a good thing. In fact, it can be a very good thing. When you have something to promote or a new property is about to launch, you want to get some eyes on you and your brand. Of course, sometimes you just want your life to be a bit more private than that. Especially, the painful parts. This dichotomy can catch up with entertainers, causing some to lose... Read More >

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