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Is Social Media Always Necessary for PR?

2016-09-01 by Richard D. Pace
Is Social Media Always Necessary for PR

Social media increasingly plays a strategic role in not just marketing, but public relations as well. In today’s digital world, it’s virtually impossible to reach customers, get the word out, and maintain a youthful image without social media. Everyone’s online — young and old — though different demographics gravitate towards different social media platforms. Yet some businesses, especially local successes, seem to get by without being active on social media at all. They’ve carved out their section of the market through word of mouth and a long, established history in their area. For some, simply maintaining a presence in a... Read More >

Cherokee Nation Business Issues Social Media RFP

2016-08-29 by Aaron Sarno
Cherokee Nation Business Issues Social Media RFP

Cherokee Nation Businesses (CNB) is the economic engine of the Cherokee Nation. The Cherokee Nation and its businesses employ more than 9,000 people. CNB owns companies in the gaming, hospitality, information technology, health care, personnel services, distribution, manufacturing, telecommunications, environmental services, and security and defense industries part of CNB’s shared service initiative,  CNB’s IT Department supports the following entities:  Cherokee Nation Entertainment, which owns and operates eight Cherokee Casinos, Will Rogers Downs Racino, four hotels, three golf courses, and a variety of retail locations in northeast Oklahoma.  CNB’s operations, though mainly in northeast Oklahoma, occur in all of the United States.... Read More >

Oriental Bank of Commerce Issues Social Media RFP

2016-08-17 by Jason Tannahill
Oriental Bank of Commerce Issues Social Media RFP

The Oriental Bank of Commerce (“OBC”) has issued an RFP for social media management services. Oriental Bank of Commerce, is one of the leading public sector Bank in India, having 2351 branches and 2585 ATMs spread all over the country. The Bank has about 20 million customers served through 100% Core Banking branches spread across the country. OBC wants to explore the social media as a medium to interact and engage with its customers. OBC is issuing this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for Selection of Service Provider for Social Media Management Services. OBC shall use this contract for establishing its social... Read More >

Mississippi Issues Marketing RFP

2016-08-12 by Archie Obrien
Mississippi Issues Marketing RFP

The Hancock Chamber of Commerce in Mississippi is seeking an experienced company to create, develop, produce, and execute marketing tools for the Hancock County Board of Supervisors. As current marketing goals, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors desires to: Utilize tools to better inform stakeholders, citizens, business owners, new residents and visitors about its various departments, actions of the county supervisors, and projects, programs, and activities; Position itself as a leading county in the region for primary and secondary home sales and visitation; Increase the marketing capacity of its properties, amenities and services to residents, visitors, the community, and business... Read More >

University of Mississippi Social Media Management RFP

2016-07-14 by Archie Obrien
University of Mississippi Social Media Management RFP

The University of Mississippi is seeking Social Media Management software.  They need help to develop and schedule content to designated social media channels, interact with UM fans and followers across all official platforms, and provide advanced analytics reporting. Scope of Work Social Media Account Management & Functionality Must support ability to manage varying levels of access for departmental or organizational employees Ability to allow users to pre-approve social media content before publishing is preferred Must support 24/7 access to all social media accounts for platform users Must be able to provide access for between 25-30 users with ability to increase... Read More >

Restaurant PR: Overcoming a Bad Review

2016-07-06 by Richard D. Pace
Restaurant PR: Overcoming a Bad Review

Earlier this month, food critic, Tom Sietsema, gave the popular Founding Farmers restaurant a mind-blowing zero-star review. Sietsema gave the restaurant only half a star back in 2012 and returned in 2016 to readjust his rating to no star at all. In his review, he bashed everything from the size of the portions, and small chicken wings, to the texture of the pasta, and the blissful ignorance of the waiters who didn’t ask why he hadn’t touched his food. Fighting Back Shortly after the review went live, the company posted a video and a statement discussing “what it means to... Read More >

Arkansas to Use Social Media to Stop Kids From Smoking

2016-06-26 by Jason Tannahill
Arkansas Depart of Health logo

The State of Arkansas, Department of Health is seeking Social Marketing agencies to address Tobacco Use among Country Youth and Young Adults. They seek a vendor to provide the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program (TPCP) with implementation of tobacco-use prevention initiatives targeting youth and young adults that identify with the Country culture in three (3) rural counties with the highest tobacco use rate. History of Tobacco Usage in Arkansas TPCP uses best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), social norms change models, and marketing segmentation strategies to inform our advertising and marketing approach. These tools have... Read More >

Orange Country Transportation Authority Wants Better Social Media

2016-06-01 by Archie Obrien
Orange Country Transportation Authority logo

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is seeking a web-based social media management services to help achieve transportation communications goals via OCTA social media channels, including: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube LinkedIn Flickr Yelp OCTA works with federal, state, regional, and local officials, community groups, businesses, and other transportation agencies to provide the public with transportation solutions. As the county transportation agency responsible for planning, funding, and delivering transportation improvements, OCTA focuses on providing solutions that enhance mobility and improve the quality of life for the residents of Orange County. OCTA creates and implements innovative marketing and communications programs that help... Read More >

PR for Reputation: Your Brand’s Reputation Troll on Twitter

2016-05-10 by Jason Tannahill
Twitter Troll

Twitter can be an incredible PR tool, getting the word out on products, events, companies, celebrities, and anything else you can think of is a Twitter specialty. In fact, Twitter is one of the few places where you can easily contact a group of journalists, bloggers, and the like with hashtags such as #HARO, #journoresearch, and #bloggerresearch. You can also use sites to locate Twitter accounts for specific writers and contact them directly through Twitter. Unfortunately, whenever you get something that amazing, there seems to be an equally negative issue to deal with as well – call it another example... Read More >

Curt Schilling fired over Facebook comments

2016-05-03 by Jason Tannahill
Curt Schilling Facebook

When it comes to public relations, there’s often a line between what IS okay and what SHOULD BE okay. Depending on the issue, that line could be wide, with plenty of gray area open to interpretation. But that’s not always the case, so it’s incumbent on a public figure to know where the line is on different issues – or to have a strong PR team ready to go to bat for you when you cross the line. Take a lesson from former MLB star Curt Schilling. Even during his stellar baseball career, Schilling made a name for himself as... Read More >

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